To the Reader

Now, you may be wondering why in the world this page even exists.

WELL, some people (like me) have no idea what some of the RainWing names mean. Like, what is a jambu? What is bromeliad?

Along with this will be a bunch of NEW RainWing names that anyone can use because it is kind of hard to decide what a fanfic, non-canon RainWing should be called.

This page is also free for anyone to add any RainWing names that I might have missed, or add to the list of RainWing names that are free to use. Please don't delete anything without my permission. Thanks!

- Misty

RainWings in the Books

Bromeliad - large red or light pink flower, often with 'sharp', pointed petals

Gibbon - black, tan or even white monkey with a 'squashed' face

Jambu - red or dark pink fruit, commonly found in bunches

Kinkajou - small rainforest mammal

Liana - wooded vine, usually rooted in the ground

Loris - very small monkey-like animal with large, staring eyes

Mangrove - type of tree, often grows in or near water

Siamang - monkey-like animal with long arms

Tapir - pig-like animal, usually black with white markings

Tamarin - a small, black monkey-like animal with a large white 'moustache'

Tualang - large, straight tree

RainWing Names That Are Free For Use

Note: If I use any RainWing names that someone else has used for fanfictions or character pages, please let me know and I can remove it from this page. :) - Misty

Binturong - smallish black animal

Cassowary - flightless bird, somewhat resembles an emu or an ostrich

Jaguar - large cat with black markings