THIS IS THEBIGWINGOFWIND'S OC AND PLEASE AT LEAST ASK IF YOU WANT TO USE HIM. Radioactive is a hybrid between a SandWing and a RainWing. He is wandering around and all queens want him killed for a series of assasinations they say he has committed but Radioactive denies it. 


Having spent most of his life alone, he is wary of everyone and hates the sight of RainWings and SandWings. Whenever he encounters a dragon (take note, not a dragonet), he will raise his spines on his neck and hiss. For a dragonet, he doesn't know how to react because he actually has never seen another dragonet before.


Radioactive has no arms but has two tails. His RainWing tail is usually blue and it helps him grip things. His SandWing tail has a barb at the end and spines all over it. He is described as ugly and hideous.


  • He has two tails, one from his RainWing legacy and one from his SandWing father.
  • His whole body is equipped with spines. 
  • He can spray venom from his fangs.


  • He cannot stand fire and will disintegrate if it comes in contact with him.
  • He cannot control his rage for RainWings and SkyWings. 
  • His barb can sting others but does not have enough poison to kill them.
  • He is quite weak in battle because of his no arms problem.

A photo will be updated this weekend. When that is done I will allow people to use him in fanfic with permission and a discussion of details before thy takes thy OC. XD