Background information
Creator Azeene
Main Attribute Quiet
Elemental Attribute Rain
Theme Color Lavender
Theme Animal Penguin
Theme Song Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
MBTI Personality INFP
Character information
Age 5 years (13 in human years)
Gender Female
Occupation Student at well-known dance school
Tribe SwiftWing
Telekinesis Aerokinesis
Goal To become the best dancer in all of Pyrrhia
Residence Living with adoptive father Tempest in the outskirts of the SwiftWing kingdom\ boarding at dance school
Relatives Lavender- Mother

Unknown father

Tempest- Adoptive father

Allies Tempest, Lavender (former), her friends
Enemies Herself
Likes Ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, lyrical, Tempest, Lavender, music
Dislikes Foster care, suicide, spiders
Powers and abilities Aerokinesis, average SwiftWing abilities
Weapons Aerokinesis, claws, teeth, etc.
Ships None
Quote "..."

Quinlynn belongs to Azeene, and Azeene only.

This is also her entry to the fanon tribe oc contest.

Super huge thanks to Wings for fixing the coding ^-^

"Well, that proves it. Our race is doomed."


Quinlynn can be considered pretty. The dragoness is very muscular, for her years of dancing, and also skinny. Quinlynn's legs are very muscular, and since they are, they look chubbier than the rest of her body. Her body is wiry, and lithe. Her tail is also very strong, and like her legs, look chubby.

Her eyes are a dark blue, which looks like sapphires. Quinlynn's snout is oddly curved downwards, like a SeaWings, and her eyes are almond shaped. When Quinlynn smiles (which is rare) she has a large dimples, that she hates.

Since Quinlynn is a SwiftWing, her maine is large, and slightly curly, and is a pitch black, with some purple. Her main body color is a very dark gray, slate, color. Quinlynn's streak is lavender, which she inherited from her mother.

Quinlynn prefers to wear no cosmetics at all when she is dancing, but for formal events she pounds it on. The wings for her liquid eyeliner extends far out, and she pounds white eyeshadow. Her favorite lip shade is a cheap drugstore brand known as Very Berry (which is a purple-pink). She wears Very Berry to formal events, and just going out, unlike the rest of her montage.

You will normally see Quinlynn in a leotard and tights, with her mane in a bun, due to her hours of dancing per day. When Quinlynn is out though, she usually wears a pair of denim shorts, with a long, flowy, top, which she will sometimes tuck in. Her mane when she is out is usually in a ponytail, braid, or down.

"Wow, your mane is certainly a mess today!"


Quinlynn is very quiet, and shy. The dragoness rarely speaks, and when she does, she can come off as judgemental (although she considers herself honest). Her thoughts are very morbid, and pessimistic, and the young dragon gets scared\paranoid all of the time.

She's very cold towards strangers (and almost everyone), but she is very attached to her friends. When she is around them, she is a chatterbox. Not to mention, very extraverted. Her friends joke saying that she is very needy.



Quinlynn was raised by her single mother, Lavender. Lavender, was a fired botanist, who had hydrokinesis. She was fired from her work for doing harmful experiments on the plants. The two lived in an average, two-story, house. Quinlynn never knew her father, and she wasn't sure that her mother knew either. They lived together, but it was always unhappy, and disruptive. Her mother could barely afford Quinlynn, and even thought of sometimes putting her up for adoption, when she was little. Lavender would also throw random tantrums, which would sometimes result in injury.

Lavender started to pick up a new job, as a waitress. While working, Quinlynn would try to find something to do, but in the end, she would just fall to sleep. When Lavender had enough money, she bought a music player, to listen to music. Quinlynn finally had something to do. She would dance to the music constantly. Quinlynn started to enjoy being alone.

One day, her mother came home in tears. Apparently, she had been fired (again), but this time she had scratches, bruises, and breaks, to go with her note. Quinlynn asked what happened, and her mother didn't respond. So, Quinlynn left her mother, downstairs.

The next morning, Lavender didn't come upstairs to wake up Quinlynn, like she did on weekends. Wondering where she was, Quinlynn walked downstairs to find her mother dead. The police came, and dubbed it as suicide from a drug overdose. Quinlynn was traumatized, and was sent into foster care.

Most of the time, she would end up with nice, decent, SwiftWings who really wanted a child, and she appreciated them, but they would never be Lavender. One foster father, saw Quinlynn dancing, and he signed her up for dance lessons. Quinlynn was in love with dancing. Everywhere she went, she danced. This Swiftwing, whose name was Tempest, truly loved Quinlynn, and decided to adopt her. After many years of dancing, Quinlynn eventually was sent to a school solely for dance. Of course this school was far away, near the SeaWing Summer Palace, so she boards there. She has been featured in a few ballets at many theaters.

"Have you heard this song? It's sick!"

  • She is terrified of spiders
  • Her favorite type of music is indie pop