A typical SkyWing. Art by Joy Ang

Quicksilver is a SkyWing and one of Four-Seven-Niner's characters.

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Despite not being a hybrid, Quicksilver is a pearly off-white, similar to the colouration of some IceWings. Her eyes are a fiery orange. She is average sized, with a build designed for speed and agility. Quicksilver's body is dwarfed in comparison to her oversized wings, making her seem smaller in comparison to other SkyWings.

Her discoloration is due to being the twin of a firescales dragonet, though the firescales was killed upon hatching. Luckily, Quicksilver survived having no fire. This has also caused her to not be able to breathe fire. Despite this lack of fire, she is one of the fastest Skywings.

Though her scales do appear to be a plain yet shiny white, upon closer inspection they are in fact very pale golds, yellows and oranges. Though, around her extremities, eyes, horns and talons, they fade to silver and white.


Quicksilver is rash, and often thoughtless with her actions, hurting those around her without meaning to. Though she tries to be patient, her temper often gets the better of her. Quicksilver would prefer to be brutally honest, even though it may make her seem rude. She will often become bitter when her flame-lessness is mentioned.


  • She does not have the ability to breathe fire like most of her SkyWing kin.
  • Despite lacking any fire, she is among one of the fastest SkyWings


Quickie again full

Headshot of Quicksilver, drawn by Four-Seven-Niner

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