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Quicksand is the (non-canon) daughter of Morrowseer and Blister, created by Matau for use by anyone who wants to use her.


Matau's Version

Quicksand is deadly, cunning, and deceptive. Her talent for rapid analysis and tactics enhance her already formidable skill with claw-to-claw weapons. She loves anything with blades, and enjoys combat for the challenge of it. One of the things she has in common with her brother is a disregard for the lives of regular dragons. However, she's not emotionless. She deeply cares about both of her parents as well as her brother, and would risk her own life for any of them.

She does have several flaws, however. She can be quite reckless and will often choose to fight when the smarter course of action would be to flee. She is not inclined to be merciful, and she finds Doomherald's constant experimenting annoying. She also seems emotionless to the majority of dragons and can't stand foolishness.

Talons' Version

Quicksand is a quick, extremely deadly, ninja-like Sandwing. She is equipped with ninja stars and knives all over her body. Her throwing ability is off the chart, her claw-to-claw skill is amazing, and her melee powers are deadly. She finds her brother crazy, has no likes about being an aunt, and would gladly destroy his world mass destruction weapons anytime. (Irony!)

She doesn't think Doomherald is a moron, though. She does care for him. She is a little edgy with her father, and loves her mother. She might get along more with Doomherald, for she now wants every commoner dead.

She is very merciless, and is extremely deadly and scary when fighting. Never. I mean NEVER. Engage a fight with her. 


Quicksand is light greyish-yellow. She has a barbed tail like her mother. She tends to carry around daggers and ninja stars. She's about average sized, but she can move very quickly.


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