Quetzalcoatl is a 5 year-old RainWing and was adopted from Luster.  


Quetzalcoatl is shy around new dragons, but is not very paranoid of them. Quetzalcoatl loves to read and take care of dragons and animals. She dislikes SkyWing's for hurting her tribe and relatives. Quetzalcoatl loves science and can create a good remedy for a burn or poisoning. Quetzalcoatl can get depressed easy and is terrible at fighting and would rather focus on making allies. She actually likes the NightWings. Quetzalcoatl is very diligent and intelligent.


Quetzalcoatl doesn't have wings anymore, as they had to be amputated. She is very skinny and has a very long tail. Quetzalcoatl can change her scale color, but she likes her scales being a emerald or deep purple. She usually keeps her underscales a tan/white or a teal. Quetzalcoatl has electric green eyes and bandages around her snout from burns. Her talons are pure black and keeps her ruff a dull teal. The inside of her mouth is black.


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Quetzalcoatl has no wings, a result of a SkyWing raid. She has weak acidic venom, probably not enough to melt a dragon's tail off. Quetzalcoatl can use her tail to hold objects.


  • Quetzalcoatl has a fear of SkyWings
  • Quetzalcoatl doesn't like fire
  • Quetzalcoatl loves to swim.
  • Quetzalcoatl loves science and reading.