Queen Sunray was the former queen of the SwiftWings. She was first introduced in the prologue of the fanfiction Follow the Wind.


Queen Sunray is a medium-sized light gray SwiftWing with a golden stripe, a periwinkle blue mane, and golden eyes.


Queen Sunray is one of the most respected queens of the century. When she was only a dragonet six years of age, her mother, Sphinx, died and she was called upon to the throne. Because of Sunray's early start in ruling, she created many holidays for SwiftWing families to enjoy, such as First Snow Day, Spring has Sprung Week, The SwiftWing Festival and even Weekends. When the war started, she left with her people to an island far from Pyrrhia. She had a long and happy reign until she died of sickness on the island, not before saying on her deathbed to make Starbolt the new queen.


Queen Sunray is a responsible ruler and a kind friend. She always acts upon what is best for her kingdom. She knows her kingdom's power and keeps her subjects from using their power for evil. Sunray can be very playful and pull off a few practical jokes every once in a while. Sunray is also very peaceful, having her kingdom move away when the great war started.