Affiliation:Icewing Queen

Status: Alive(13 years)

Relations:Queen Glacier(mother)

Alliances:Queen Glory,Queen Blaze

Queen Froststorm is a small IceWing with spotted wings that resemble a gyrfalcon's. She has piercing icy storm silver eyes. She has a necklace of quartz crystals and wears a snow leopard fur vest with a aquamarine gem clasp and has amethyst jewels set on the scales above her eyes, similar to Queen Scarlet and her gems. She has clear claws and horns, like icicles. She has scars slashed  along her left back leg and foot and more scars cutting across her front left leg in small swipes.


A friendly and just queen, Froststorm is intelligent but not full of herself. She leads by example, not just sitting back and waiting for her tribe to handle themselves. She has a good sense of humor and likes adding a bit of sarcasm into it. Although, if you are her enemy as her name states she will be fierce and deadly as a storm of frost, frostbite that is. 

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