Queen Fluff-Tail is queen of the FoxWings and one of Stuffed's OCs.


Queen Fluff-Tail was born on the island the FoxWings had fled to and was not born royalty. When the former Queen died and she had no heirs to take over, most of the other FoxWings were either too old or too young, but Fluff-Tail was the perfect age. They gave her a heap of treasure and a new golden throne and let her be. She decided not to get into the Great War and for this she earned the liking of all the FoxWings. She has still not been Queen for a Worship Day.


She looks like a normal Foxwing with soft orange scales on the top of her body and white soft scales on the bottom.But she was born missing talon on her front right leg.When she became queen they created a marble talon and put it in the empty socket.


She has none herself but she is planned to appear in the fanfiction Wings of Fire:The Ring of Fire