This dragon is part Rainwing and part Nightwing. She was originally FourFlames' OC and cannot be used by anyone without permission of her owner.


Queen Dark Forest


Queen Dark Forest is extremely mysterious to outsiders of her kingdom but to others she is portrayed in a less nebulous way.

She keeps her scales a good medium gray, although it can change to a white or a black, but not to any colors. She also has a purple neck crest and wings, and lime green eyes. She is silly, focused, completely organized and artfully gifted. She usually doesn't like to fight but sometimes she goes... in, how should I put it, a little bit of a frenzy. Darkie is also rather reckless.

Her best friend was her sister Crescent Oak, who died in a Sandwing attack. Her worst enemies are Sandwings and Skywings. She was crowned Queen of the Shadow Walkers, a small clan of Nightwing/Rainwing hybrids, right before they all died, and it is up to her to rebuild their legacy. She is intelligent to some degree.


She has a poisonous bite, can turn most of their body invisible (save for their wings), and blend into shadows and the night/day sky.


"I'm going to rip out your brains! Funny, there's nothing in here..."

"I do have a sense of humor but right now it's time to be serious. Oooo is that a banana I smell?"

"I'm ready for battle!" *draws steel talon armor*

"You don't know who I am? I am victory. I am sheer power. I am... staring at you!"


CRESCENT OAK(DECEASED): Crescent was her closest sister and her best friend. At her death, she was terribly devastated. She wondered why it couldn't have been her. She would have died instead of her sister.

KING DESTINYSCRIBE: She loves her father so much, although he is often away and when he is there, he gives her critical advice. She loves him nonetheless.

QUEEN SELENIUM: She loves her mother as much as her father and even if her mother is often getting onto her as well, she loves her family like the world.

TRINITY: Trinity was one of her closest friends during her quest to rebuild the Clan. Although quiet and unrevealing, the Swiftwing was of much aid and proved to be a loyal dragoness who kept her word.

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