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Queen Bonito

Bonito was mother of Queen Clam, Cod, Dolphin and Tidalwave. She died when Clam came back to become queen after creating the Talons of Peace. She was a great warrior when fighting Sea Monsters back in the days before Queen Oasis. She is known also as Queen Bonito the II


Father- unknown

Mother- Queen Bonita the I

Siblings- unknown

Sons/Daughtors- Clam, Cod, Dolphin and Tidalwave.

What is a Bonito and a Bonita?

Bonito are a tribe of medium-sized, predatory fish in the Scombridae family, belonging to the Sardini tribe. There are seven species across four genera which belong to the bonito tribe.

Bonita is the same as Bonito just pronounced differently. Bonito is the II.

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