Pyra is my FlameWing OC. She is mine and mine alone. Please don't copy her. Thank you! 


Pyra has straight white horns, piercing green eyes that seem to burn when she is angry or convinced of something, mainly crimson scales, and gold underscales and wing membranes that look like they were made of pure gold. She is somewhat rough, being raised on the streets since she was little. She at first didn't know that love existed, that she couldn't care about other dragons. She doesn't understand the concept of 'sharing'. Pyra fights for herself, against the renegade band of RainWings, SkyWings, and SandWings under Magnificent's control, who tried to kidnap her and use her in their army as a spy. She decided to spy on THEM instead, foiling their plans by tipping off dragons anonymously. They also killed her mother and father in retribution, leading her to hate them further. Pyra would do anything to kill them.


As it was mentioned earlier in the article, Pyra's parents were killed by the Renegades when she refused to help them and spy on other FlameWings as an innocent-looking dragonet, which would be a lot less suspicious than an adult dragon. She hated them further after that, even going down as low as to spy on THEM and foil THEIR plans by warning the dragons it involves. She was then cast upon the streets, forced to hunt and fight for herself. She grew up unwanted, unneeded. She became hard and tough, almost completely forgetting how to cry (I said 'Almost' since there is evidence of Pyra tearing up at some sad scenes. When asked why she kept dabbing her eyes, she keeps saying that 'I have a speck of sentiment in my eyes'). She forgot about how to share, surviving on what she could get her claws on. She hates cheaters and people who bend the rules, but she is sometimes forced to do it herself. She always feels bad about it afterwards.