Prissy is Tundra's character! Please do not use without permission!


Obnoxious Prissy

Prissy usually keeps her scales pink, orange, gold, and cream. When she is alone, or content with a special friend, she shifts them to greens and browns... Something you don't see often on her. Her eyes are a bright pink. She sometimes wears jewelry.


Prissy is a very... Popular RainWing. She has many fake friends that follow her around. If you want a very simple explanation, think about popular girls in school. She can be a real jerk at times. She may seem mean on the outside... But if you haven't met her real self... Only one dragon has done that. Her real self is actually pretty interesting. She is calm and cool. Prissy is very interesting.


Prissy's real name is Pricilla. She said that RainWings didn't like her original name... It was too long and weird. Everybody just started to call her Prissy. I WILL ADD MORE LATER!

Pss... You can't tell anyone this.. But Prissy MAY have a crush on a certain RainWing... Link, link-->Ivy


Oh yes...

I dunno

I dunno

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