Since she was a princess, Flora was a spoiled dragonet. She never really had to work hard. When her mother was dying, she was expecting to be queen. But when Starbolt, merely a lowly Weather dragon became queen, she was overcome with jealousy. Flora decided to make Starbolt's life as terrible as possible. Later, she successfully defeated Starbolt and missled the SwiftWings. Starbolt then came back to Flora to duel her with her newly found electricity powers. Flora lost and left the SwiftWings to terrorize other tribes, and recruit an army to overthrow Starbolt.


Flora is a spoiled dragonet, therefore she hasn't really felt like it was to work. When Starbolt became queen she had to work to try to gain her goal, only to fail. She's easily jealous of other dragons and is selfish and mean. She's also very vain and egotistical. She's also lazy most of the time and very good at persuading someone to do her bidding.

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