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His Life

Pride is male RainWing who lived during the time of the great war. His parents died when the war started. He wandered around the Rainforest until he found the Jade Mountain. There he met Cosmos. Ever since, they went on adventures ( he had a super secret crush on Cosmos!). While they had fun adventures, they heard rumors about the dragonets of prophecy. They knew that the dragonets save all of Pyrrhia. Pride is one of the main protagonists in The Raining Jewel


He is a smallish RainWing who, like other RainWings, has scale-changing abilities. He however, cannot spit venom, but inject it when he bites someone. Real deadly. He likes to keep his scales blue and yellow.


Pride is very... prideful. He doesn't like to admit that he's ever wrong, nor does he apologize often. At times, he could be nice to hang around. But most of the time, he's a d-bag! He also likes to show-off to Cosmos. Pride really hates Blazestorm because it seems that Cosmos would always choose Blazestorm instead of him


Pride is an adventurer and a protagonist

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