Precipitation is a male SwiftWing and is Lulerb03's OC. Don't use him without my permission or else I will report you to the admins. 


Precipitation dark black scales and green eyes. He also has one ring around his eye.


Precipitation is very controlled. He practices using his swiftness everyday and insists not to eat too much too little or to have any water that he hasn't tested with his chemistry objects. He is way too paranoid because of what the SkyWings did.


Born in the SwiftWing hatchery, Precipitation was shocked to see the wonders of the nursery. It was so big he got lost (of course it wasn't that big but he was the size of a stuffed animal), and then he played in a puddle of dew until his parents found him. As a dragonet, Precipitation struggled to learn how fly, but when his exam came he passed with "flying" colors. Onto each semester he grew stronger until he convinced himself he was the best dragon he could be. When they SkyWings attacked, he grabbed the eggs from the hatchery then flew like heck.

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