Poppy is an IceWing/MudWing created by Mystic Ice. I would appreciate nobody using her without permission.


Poppy is the offspring of an IceWing and MudWing. She is slim like an IceWing, but strong like a MudWing. Her head spikes are shorter and horns more curved. Her eyes are deep purple, and has a more MudWing-ish snout. Her ears are larger and more rounded (MudWing), has plated scales around eyes (MudWing). Pale blue scales with hints of red and orange, making them look more of a salmon colour.

Poppy the Mud/IceWing



The name Poppy was chosen because poppies are flowers, which grow in dirt, but are also the only flowers able to survive in the arctic. It was also chosen to represent her beauty.


Poppy is slightly shy, as in not fond of strangers, because of being much more different than everyone else. She doesn't like to be made fun of and will sometimes retaliate. She can have a fiery temper when messed with. She is usually calm, cool, and easygoing and a great friend. Very reliable, trustworthy, and loyal. She watches out for other dragons but often doesn't have the courage to help them. Sometimes she likes to be alone, but also likes the company of her friends.


Because MudWings and their fire and IceWings with their freezing breath are opposites, Poppy can neither breath fire nor ice. She can hold her breath for half an hour, can stand very cold temperatures, and also doesn't mind hotter climates (where most IceWings would be (metaphorically, not literally) melting in the heat). She draws energy from mud and ice, as do most MudWings and IceWings.


Her parents ran away together and had only a single egg—-Poppy. She lived on the run with her parents until after the Great War, when she was 7 years old. Her parents then split up because of not being able to go to each others homes because of climate issues. She now lives in the Ice Kingdom with her mother, and sometimes goes to visit her father in the Mud Kingdom. She is excited for the school which was rumored to start, because she would be able to see both parents more often.

Is friends with Albion

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By DarkFlame


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