Flying away

A dragon was flying away from his home. The dragon's name was Polaris. And he was flying away from home because because his friend Hvitur died. "Halt!" Burn was here." Out of my way…" Polaris's timid voice said. "Afraid"? Burn told. Polaris used his ice breath to try to defeat Burn. But Burn's claws defeated him then threw him to the Kingdom of Sand and was knocked out. When he awoke he was surrounded by darkness except for mirrors placed all along the walls and ceiling. Where am I? He wondered aloud. It was starting to dawn on Polaris now. He was being held captive in Burn's weirdling palace. "Oh no no no it isn't possible" but he knew he was caught by burn and now he was going to die here alone. Is this it? Was he really going to die in the talons of Burn just like his dear friend Hvitur had? Oh how he missed him. He had just started to doze when he heard a loud crash. He jolted awake, what was that? He thought as he started to investigate. He was getting more and more nervous when he suddenly tripped over something. He glanced down and yelped, at his talons lay a dead dragon. This was how he was going to be killed and stuffed like the dragon below him he then realized it had a small extra toe on one foot. He then remembered a thing about Burn, she loved deformed and weird creatures that was a relief so maybe he wouldn't be killed and stuffed but probably would still die of insanity.

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