A typical IceWing art by joy ang

Polaris is a male IceWing.


He has blue-silver scales that shine like ice, and his silvery scales shine like the brightest night. He also has a scar on his leg caused by Burn. He has other scars given by Burn. He has a star on his tail. Silver spikes,like the moon. One of the Talons put bandages on his leg.


He is very timid, but can turn mad when you mess with his friends, having a split personality.


He used to be a friend of Hvitur. When Burn killed him, he was very mad and furious. He is still very timid, even though his friend was killed. But he was sad over Hvitur's death. Queen Glacier saw it.


  • He is quite similar to Hvitur, as he was good friends with him
  • He kinda has a split personality. Because he can be very timid, then turn into a ferocious dragon.
  • His quote is "I feel alone without him".
  • He often believes Hvitur's death is his fault,since he couldn't save him.
  • His song is broken soul.
  • He often believes in "Guardians".

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