so now the contest is over she's a normal oc


Plamen is a pudgy lemon yellow FlameWing with sparkling orange eyes. her horns are rather short and stubby, as are her claws. This combined with her soft cream underscales makes her completely useless in battle. She tries to look polished and professional, though this effect is ruined by her extremely informal manner.


Plamen is a shining light of joy. she is always bouncing around happily, trying to make positive influences on strangers she meets. This behaviour has frequently been described as annoying, but most of the dragons she meets seem to enjoy the positive little dragon. She has learned that a thick skin can help her plenty, and as such does not let most insults, or even threats faze her. She dreams of working as a psychotherapist, believing that she can help those poor souls suffering from depression or any other number of mental illness.


Plamen has had a rather normal childhood, with a mother and father and school. Though she was often teased for her size, and later, her lack of desire for romance. This ground on her for a long time. For several years, Plamen disappeared in her room, suffering from a ceaseless sadness and apathy. She has very recently pulled out of this depression, feeling inspired by her therapist's work and her experience can help others.