Photon is a SwiftWing by Matau99 for his fanfiction Reminiscences of a Floral Life.


Photon is a very impulsive SwiftWing. He'll rush into thing before judging them. He'd be right at home drawing up plans for an invasion. That said, he enjoys learning more then combat. He hates sitting still, and he's very impatient.


While his hydrokinesis is weak, he has figured out very unusual ways to use what little he has. Rather than just summoning water (which, because of his lack of ability, would be hopelessly inefficient), he manipulates it more precisely. He's created water with sufficient surface tension a dragon can walk on it, he has frozen water by reducing its molecular motion, and he is experimenting with manipulating the water inside of living things (such as to draw it out of them and kill them), among other modifications.

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