A typical SandWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Phenomenon is a female SandWing.


All of Phenomenon's scales are a bright white,even brighter when she is in the sunlight. Her eyes are a light black/dark grey color,sometimes shifting between the two colors. She is smaller and slimmer then the average SandWing.


Phenomenon true to her name,is always doing something different than everyone else.She enjoys painting,writing,and being a scholar. Often treated as a waste of space,she was left in the desert. There she learned to live and survive in the desert. Phenomenon grew to be a skilled warrior and assassin. She learned a wide variety of skills while in the desert. Due to her being small, she is weak in terms of stamina and strength but is quick and agile using her small size to her advantage.One of her wings is permanently broken, unable to heal.


She has no stinger or fire, but can transfer heat through her scales from being in the sun and desert for so long.The ability can be useless after being in the cold after a while. Phenomenon can retain the heat inside of her, enabling to go to cold places. She has a large skill set. Her prefer3d weapon is a bow and arrow.The arrows can have various uses, from being poisonous to work as grappling hooks.


8 in dragon years [16 in human]

Based on the song Phenomenon Thousand Foot Krutch.

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