Permafrost is an IceWing and one of the characters in the fanfiction Trail of Stars.


Permafrost has light electric blue scales and sky blue horns. He is like mostly a normal IceWing.


Permafrost was raised traditionally as an IceWing, and had very loving parents and everyone admired him. But the problem was himself, he didn't feel like he was fitting in though he pretended he was. Later on he was separated from his family in an earthquake, but he found new friends that also had powers of their own, which he stuck with.


Permafrost is a pretty laid-back dragon who always keeps his cool in a tough situation. He's very friendly and kind, but sometimes he feels lonely having his power. He is very protective of his sister Taiga.


Permafrost has an uncanny ability to connect to the dead. He has no control over it and randomly sees visions of dead dragons (alive in his dreams of course) that can talk to him.

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