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Current list of Main and Minor Characters

Peril (Requested by Perilthechamp) MAJOR

Clay (Requested by Perilthechamp) MINOR

Percy Jackson (Requested by Perilthechamp) MAJOR

Annabeth Chase (Requested by Perilthechamp) MAJOR

Harry Potter (Requested by Perilthechamp) MAJOR

Ron Weasley (Requested by Perilthechamp) MAJOR

Hermione Granger (Requested by Perilthechamp) MINOR

Hello Kitty (Requested by ResaC) MINOR

Heron (Requested by Heron the Mudwing) MAJOR


Portals to the Percy Jackson world-

Divination classroom-Iris's cabin

The Jade Mountain Library-Near Camp Jupiter

Portals to the Wings of Fire world-

Athena's cabin-Queen Moorhen's Palace

Ministry of Magic-The Skywing Arena

Portals to the Harry Potter world-

Ares's cabin-Potions classroom

Seawing Summer Palace-Back of the Hogwarts Express

Chapter One - Percy Jackson

I ran out of the arena, drenched in sweat. Capture the Flag was tomorrow, and everyone was excited. Walking back to my cabin to cool off, I ran into Butch, the head counselor for the Iris cabin. He pulled me aside.

"Percy, there's something really weird in the Iris cabin. Can you check it out tommorow?"

I laughed. "What, you think I'm an expert on weird stuff?"

Butch also laughed. "Well, yeah. I mean, you were in two prophecies, right? You have got to have seen some really weird stuff."

I smirked. The residents of Iris cabin weren't exactly Mini-Athenas, but everyone at Camp Half-Blood knew weird stuff happened on prophecies. "Yeah, you're right. But wouldn't it make more sense to ask Hecate's or Athena's kids?"

Butch laughed again. "The Athena kids would give me a lecture, and the Hecate kids would accidentally hex my nose off."

He got that right. I told him I would check it out tomorrow. Little did I know how much trouble I would be in.

Chapter Two - Harry Potter