A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Peaceseeker is a female NightWing. She is also one of Luleb03's OCs. Please no copying or Peaceseeker will give you a peace of her mind. She is only 5 years old and loves to go into IceWing territory and explore.


Peaceseeker is a dark gray NightWing who wears a jet black cord around her neck which has a eagle pendant on it. Her eyes are a silver-black color.


As her name says, she will always see to both sides of an argument. She always seeks peace and never picks fights unless one of her friends is involved with a bully( oh no you did not just touch my friend!!!). She is loyal and kind and will die for the smallest egg to the largest dragon in combat.


Peaceseeker hatched August 26, Her parents died from an unknown illness, leaving her and her brother, Warheart, as orphans.She slowly grew up as a bold and adventurous dragon. Her brother became a prophet while she became a guard. One day she was on the outskirts of the territory when she met her best friends: Timber, Slender , and Tasmanian Devil. They formed a small group called The Blaze, The Death, The Venom, And the Mystery. Now she will hang around IceWing teritory and watch for oncoming threats at least thats what shes supposed to do but really she's looking for new friends.

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