Parrot is SandWing's OC, adopted from Heliosanctus, adopted from Snowblossom of Thunderclan. Please do not use him without permission.


Parrot is small RainWing whom used to live in the Southern RainWing kingdom. As a RainWing, his scales change with his mood, however, he prefers the colours of the Scarlett Macaw, a type of parrot for which he was named. One thing that sets him apart from other RainWings though, is that his eyes are each two different colours, the right one being a light violet purple, and the left being a dark green. He's a bit thinner than other RainWings, and his scales are a bit duller and less bright than others of his kind. He does not fight that well, even with the use of his venom. He knows a bit of healing practices, but not much. 


Parrot is quite passive and can be a little shy, but is more known to be very fun-loving, even a bit of a trickster, though he does not show this side of him to often. He is easily shattered by mental trauma, on the contraty however, he can take a lot of physical pain, and even shug most of it off. He hates hurting other dragons, so much so he almost never fights, sometimes to the point of he himself getting injured instead. He cares deeply for his friends, and doesn't know what he'd do without them. 

MBTI Personality type = INFJ


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