ParadoxRiser is a 58 year old NightWing. He is deceased. 


ParadoxRiser loved his studies and his son, Horoscope. His mother took care of him while Paradoxriser wrote a prophecy for a IceWing ally and friend of his. ParadoxRiser died of a stroke soon after.


Paradoxriser is caring and loves young dragonets. He also loves his studies and puts his family first. Paradoxriser has a hard time killing anything. He is extremely loyal to the dragons he loves and would do anything for him. Paradoxriser is very peaceful and has a calm mind.


Paradox is pure black, with streaks of gray along his body. He has a scar along his front right leg. That scar crisscrosses with another old scar right on his backleg knee and underscales. Paradoxriser and bright yellow eyes.

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