A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Papl is a female RainWing who is weird in other dragon's eyes. She speaks in many different accents, but a slurred Australian accent is her natural one.


Raised like any other normal RainWing, she grew up with a crazy, off-topic personality. Her parents were uncomfortable with this, but nonetheless let it slide. She is now a huge prankster and her most famous prank is getting mud and replacing the brown coating on a coconut and giving it to someone.


She usually has lime green scales, and black wing membranes. Her eyes are an intense green and very large. 


She is mostly random and off-topic, saying weird things and pranking other RainWings. Loud and full of laughter, she finds everything amusing.


"I AM NOT A BOY. I am..... Roland and I eat catfood."

"I have a prank idea. Get mud and replace the brown stuff on a coconut and give it to someone."


"Do not, do NOT, call me that name."

"No. I'm busy with my own stuff! Also, I'm a slacker who slacks off er...DUH."

"Dude... that's so not cool."

"Why are you yelling at me? I didn't do anything!"

"For the last time, I AM NOT A BOY."


  • She is based off of the wikian MintIceCream, a chat moderator on the Flipline Studios wiki.
    • This includes the nickname Papl, lime green as her favorite colour, and being weird and off-topic.
  • Her real name is Vividra.

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