Panther RainWing


Panther's Bio

Name: Panther

Titles:  General Panther, Queen Panther

Gender: Female

Tribe: RainWing

Appearance: Panther is a fairly large RainWing that is a swift flyer and a strong fighter. Since she is a RainWing, she can change her scales to any color she wishes. However, she prefers to be a black dragon with a golden belly, horns, underwings and eyes.

Rank: Battle general (Formerly), queen of the RainWings approximately 200 years before the dragonet prophecy

Siblings: Macaw, Serpent, Vine

Parents: Palm and Crocodile

Husband: Bravespirit


Panther was born into the RainWing tribe about 200 years before the dragonet prophecy, around the time when there was a great war between the IceWings and the NightWings. Back then, the RainWings, SeaWings and the MudWings were allied with the NightWings, whereas the SandWings and SkyWings were allied with the IceWings. Back then, the RainWings used their venom and camouflaging abilities to survive and make them skilled and tactful fighters. I won't write much more for now, but you can read her entire backstory in Panther's Tale.

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