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This is the first fan fiction written by Luster. Currently it is an abomination, but after I do some editing and with the help of Helio for formatting and coding, this should be much better than it is right now.

I recommend you don't read it right now...but obviously I can't stop you. But keep in mind it will be rewritten and edited and continued soon.


Seven dragonets will save the day,
To bring down the tyrants who will not sway,
The dragonets have come at last,
To save and recover Pyrrhia’s past,
Far inside the kingdom of darkness, awaits an egg as dark as night,
The dragonet this egg shall hold, will have scales the brightest white,
In the forest that is newly changed, an egg sits, the palest grey,
The dragon created will find their greatness one day,
To find the egg of the dragons of mud, search through the dirt and grass,
The dragonet emerging will have scales that reflect like mirror glass,
Laid in a pit of flickering flames, an egg of ice will wait to hatch,
The dragonet born will be without a leg, and in its place, a deep scratch,
Found on a scale of thousands, an egg was laid to uncover what’s right,
It shall awaken a dragonet with eyes that see without sight,
There awaits a copper egg deep down, below the planet’s crust,
It shall create a dragonet with wings the color of burning rust,
Away as far from the burn of sand, an egg will wait in the chill of ice,
A pale dragonet will be born, for a normal SandWing will not suffice,
Seven young dragons will end the fight,
All seven will be laid on the darkest night,
These new dragonets have come to end the war,
And create a new world for us to explore...
When three moons, become two,
The darkness will awaken something new,
The night’s greatest fear shall arise,
To bring about the dark’s demise



“We have to stop them! We can’t just let them get away with this, can we?” Obsidian fumed, “We can’t just let them finish and get the eggs without stopping them!” he shot a blast of flame into the air. It was night and the three NightWings were standing out on top of Jade Mountain. “Relax, Son,” Ouorboros purred, “We have agents on the job, they were either to destroy the eggs, or die trying.” Obsidian snorted, “What does that mean, we’re going to lose our soldiers?” Equinox shook his head, “No Obsidian, it means that you can be quiet. We have dragons on the job and you don’t need to worry.” He muttered under his breath, “Hopefully they will get at least one egg.”

“Well, tonight is the darkest night and I’m worried the prophecy will come true, you all should know what happened to the queens. So far, all prophecies have come true, even with one destroying the egg.” Obsidian retorted. “It’ll be fine, don’t worry.” the Queen soothed, “even if the dragonets hatch, I think we can handle a bunch of babies.” She laughed and Equinox smirked.

Out of the sky, a NightWing soldier landed in front of the trio soundlessly. His armor was as black as the night sky behind him and his eyes shouted triumph. “I have good news,” he said as he pulled an egg from behind his back. In his talons was an egg the color of crystal clear water, a MudWing egg. Equinox smiled as he took the egg into the palm of his hand. “This is the MudWing of the prophecy?” he asked the soldier. He nodded, “I found it in the hands of a SeaWing. She must have been a guardian. I killed her and stole he egg, even if it isn’t, its one less against us.” Equinox studied it closely. Ouroboros walked up beside Equinox, her deep purple scales glinting in the faint light of only the stars. She nodded and Obsidian smiled as Equinox tossed the egg off the edge of the cliff where they were stationed.

As Obsidian said happily, “one down, six to go.” an IceWing appeared out of nowhere and launched himself onto Equinox’s back, tearing at his wings and biting his neck. Ouroboros and Obsidian acted instantly and pounced onto the IceWing, ripping him off of their friend. Equinox had his wings badly shredded and was bleeding heavily form a wound on the arch of his neck. Each of the NightWings pinned down a wing and held down the hissing, flailing body. The soldier clamped the IceWing’s jaws shut with a chain recently shot with flame. It seared his scales and a muffled whine echoed through the night. After he stopped struggling, the chains were removed and he was interrogated. The Queen rushed over to Equinox as Obsidian asked the IceWing questions.

“What is your name, why did you attack our friend?” Obsidian prodded. The IceWing winced as the burns cooled, “I think you very well know who I am.” He stated plainly. In the night, it was hard to see, but upon close inspection, Obsidian realized who his attacker was. Their old alliance, Sleet, had finally shown his face once again. “Why…why Sleet, you were our most trusted spy, you were my friend, how could you go against us?” he shook his head, “I was never your spy, but a spy of the Guardians of Truth. You played well into our trap.” In a rush of anger, Obsidian shredded his wings, sending Sleet screaming in pain. He broke Sleet’s neck and threw the body over the mountain with the MudWing.

Equinox was hurt much more badly than first thought, his neck was still bleeding and he would never be able to fly again. He stood up to fall back to his knees. Ouroboros and Obsidian propped him up and dragged him into the cave and hoped that the soldiers could take care of the rest of the eggs.

Chapter 1

5 years later…

Maybe you could try to fight better than a RainWing? It might improve your scores.” Glint hissed at Luster, who flinched at the harsh statement. It was really strange how Glint compared him to a RainWing. They were both RainWings, so it was offensive to both of them, although Glint seems to like using the phrase. Luster flopped on the ground in a tired heap behind a stalagmite just as Glint started charging with her teeth bared and shining and her scales shifted from a brilliant gold to a blood red. She rushed at Luster, who had just realized his teacher was attacking.

He felt a sharp pain and realized Glint was clamped on his tail, the one weakness every dragon had. He shook violently, trying to free his curled tail. Once Glint was knocked off, she came again, this time jumping into the air and while over Luster, raked her claws through his scales, and she stuck the landing, facing Luster with triumph in her eyes and a hint of pink bursting across her terribly scarred wings. He screamed at the blood on his back, “Hey! You aren’t supposed to hurt us! Only show us how to fight!” he winced as he flared his black wings. With tears in his eyes, he was told to leave, he was dismissed from attack class. Luster looked over his shoulder to see Glint, who was looking at her talons, wondering if she had gone too far. As he passed through the main cavern, dimly lit by torches, he saw out of the corner of his eyes Sonic (a golden scaled SkyWing.) peer at his wounds and rush into the training cave. He laughed as he realized how much trouble Glint was in.

Luster limped into the study cave to find it empty, except for Nova, who was studying the map of Pyrrhia. He limped over to lay down next to him. The NightWing looked over through his glasses to see Luster heavily beaten. Then he noticed the deep gashes in Luster’s spine. He looked worried, “Glint being nice to you again?” he asked sarcastically. Luster chuckled, “I wish, she is insane. I wish Sonic taught fighting, it would be much safer.” He smiled at Nova and sighed.  Nova had similar problems. Glint wasn’t a big fan of either of them, considering they were both mutants. Poor Nova had his life much worse than his though. Seriously, who would want to be a white NightWing, which completely defeats the purpose of being a NightWing? But he did have the NightWing powers, but could not use them constantly, the guardians say it’s because of his young age. Luster’s defect is not that enjoyable, though. He was born with black patches on his scales and pitch black wings that don’t change color. Wrasse says it’s just because he is a boy, but he knows it is just a mutation.

Nova continued reading as Luster drifted to sleep. He was awoken a little later for their daily outing. (The guardians feared the dragonets would become like the ones from when Blister, Burn, and Blaze fought.) Sonic called the seven of them to the main door, which was blocked by a large boulder only big enough so the guardians could move it. Luster was last to be out, the sunlight was blinding in their ravine. The guardians made the ravine to provide shelter from NightWings. The ground was covered in snow all year, they were in the ice kingdom, and large trees speckled the ground with sunlight and shadow.

Gila could always be found hiding in a tree with her white scales shining and flaring her orange and red wings, covered in snow. Wrasse, having a gray snout fading into a dark blue tail with a thick black stripe running along her sides, could be found beside Crystal, who had a soft spot only big enough for tiny Wrasse, and pale blue scales. Comet was only found, if ever, hiding in shadows being invisible with his black, blue, and purple scales and practicing hunting. Nova was in front of Luster and Xenops was flying high above, her yellowish-orange scales shining, afraid she was to set the ravine on fire.

Glint was on a stone in the sunlight, showing off her magnificent colors and scarred and shimmering scales. Sonic was playing with Wrasse or speaking with Nova. Luster was always with Xenops. Because of her fear of setting forests ablaze, she didn’t get much company. And, now that Luster thought about it, the seven dragonets were a pack of misfits. Nova, well, he is a white NightWing. Luster was born with black scales. Xenops was born with too much fire. Gila, strangely for a SandWing, loves the cold and being wet. Crystal was missing her left forearm and, even stranger than Gila, hates the cold, and she’s and IceWing. Poor Wrasse was tiny and blind. Comet can’t fly. They were just a bunch of weirdoes. How were they supposed to fulfill the prophecy? Apparently, they weren’t. Luster was told all his life he was just a replacement for the RainWing egg for the prophecy.  And Comet was a replacement for the MudWing, somehow. Now they have two NightWings.

But it was unfortunate, the night the dragonets were retrieved. The entire staff of the Guardians of Truth rushed outside as soon as the sun fled. The eggs were all to be laid on the darkest night, when all three moons were eclipsed. It has happened only a few times before. Many of the Guardians perished that night, along with many eggs. One of them was a dragon who was supposed to look after the dragonets. His name was Sleet. He was one of a team of two, attempting to retrieve the MudWing egg. That didn’t happen. Both of the MudWing Guardians were murdered by the NightWings.

Luster told Xenops to land, he was tired of flying. She landed gracefully on a stone. They sat down and the rock started to burn from her scorching scales. She didn’t get fight training. She got out of it on her first lesson when she burned Glint’s claws to stumps. “So…” Luster started but was interrupted by Sonic screaming “NightWings! NightWings!” and running around confused. All of the dragonets reacted instantly, jumping into their hiding places. Wrasse dove into the small frozen river, along with Gila. Comet stayed put, he was already hidden in the shadows. Xenops dove into a small nook in the wall of the cliff. Luster ran over underneath a tree and quickly went invisible, his black scales don’t change color. Out of his spot, he saw Glint disappear silently as Sonic kept a wary eye on all of the remaining dragonets. Crystal limped into a hole she dug herself and Nova, having the worst predicament, tried hiding under the snow.

They waited silently for what seemed like an eternity, finally realizing it was a drill. Sonic stepped into the open, flaring his golden wings, signaling the coast was clear. Slowly, the dragonets crept out of their places.  Crystal ran over to Wrasse, who was wandering around calling her name. “Alright, everybody,” Sonic’s kind, thundering voice echoed throughout the ravine. “It was just a drill. But now we must go inside, you all need to study history.” And he led them back into the Caves and into the study cave where Luster had met Nova earlier. “Now, today I want to try something different,” Sonic stated, “I think I’ll have you do the teaching today.” He said pointing to Nova, whose purple eyes darted to the faces of all of his peers, “Don’t worry, you will all get a chance, but today is Nova’s turn.” Sonic sat in the back of the room, next to Wrasse and Crystal. Nova nodded and sulkily climbed onto the raised stage where Sonic usually stood. “Um…Sonic…What do I-what do I teach?” he stammered. “Talk about everything you know about the prophecy.” Sonic said, patting Wrasse’s head and smiling.

“Well, the prophecy was told by a NightWing named Borealis thirty-five years ago. She was Ouroboross daughter, meaning she was a princess. When Equinox, the king, heard the prophecy, he mauled and banished her from the Kingdom of Night. Equinox was afraid the prophecy would come true, so on the darkest night, he destroyed all of the eggs that fit the description, very, very dark. But Ouroboros protected one, which ended up being stolen by the Guardians. It was said that Equinox was heavily mutilated on the darkest night by Sleet, who gave his life to honor the Guardians and disable the king of the NightWings.” He inhaled and continued, “Each of our eggs were very valuable and were found on the darkest night. I believe we all know which part of the prophecy we are, except for you Comet. As we all know, the MudWing of the prophecy was murdered by, none other than, Equinox, and the replacement was a blue egg from a member of the Guardians who was kind enough to give us her only egg.” He bowed and walked off of the stage smiling. “Well done Nova,” Sonic congratulated, “but don’t forget class, we have a test tomorrow.” And with that class was dismissed.

Luster wandered into the sleeping cave to find all of the other dragonets huddled in a group conversation. They realized Luster was in the cave, waved, and continued their talking. Gila’s head rose out of the group and called him over. “Come see this!” she screamed and backed away so Luster could see in the middle of the group. In the center on the clear floor was a feather quill. Nova was across from him, his snout wrinkled in concentration.

Then, the feather did the impossible. It started to float, without any help. Luster yelled in surprise, “Nova’s an animus!” everyone shushed him, “Sshhhh! We don’t want Sonic or Glint to know.” Crystal protested as she described the sight to Wrasse. Nova exhaled exhaustedly as the feather dropped. He looked so tired. Then, Glint started to shout, “NightWing!” she said, barely audible in the sleeping cave, but everyone went into hiding position. It was harder to hide inside, but they all managed to hide in time. And at the perfect time, too. Outside the sleeping cave, a flutter of wings sounded and shouts could be heard. Luster looked beside him to see Wrasse with her ears on high alert. He listened, too. Luster heard movement outside the doorway and a magnificent dragon stepped in. A dragon as black as night walked into the cave filled with hidden dragonets and took up nearly the entire cave. He searched the cave, checking the caverns and cracks. There was a roar outside and a flash of gold burst in and jumped on the back of the dragon and ripped at his wings and tore at his face. “Come on!” Glint shouted to the dragonets from outside, “Hurry, we can’t hold him forever!” and all of the dragonets rushed over to her and outside.

“Hide where you normally would. I will be back.” She then rushed back inside to tackle the NightWing. There was a scream inside and Sonic came out, blocking the entrance with a boulder. “Dragonets!” he shouted and they all rushed out of hiding, “Obsidian wants you. You must run. Quickly, go to the Kingdom of the Sea, the Guardians will be waiting.” Wrasse started crying, “No, we can’t leave you to fight Obsidian, we’ll help!” Luster protested. “No. you must leave, we will be there with the others, now go.” He shouted, while patting Wrasse on the head. Crystal heaved her onto her shoulders and started to flap her wings heavily. Gila and Nova were carrying Comet right behind them. Xenops shot up and Luster followed, worried about Sonic and Glint. The seven of them shot out into the open air and looked around. They had never been outside the ravine before, and Luster wasn’t sure he liked it outside.

They all looked before them at the destructive forces of war. There must have been thousands of dragons on the ground, but most of them were SandWings, their bodies frozen in puddles of crystalized blood. Gila looked like she was about to throw up and so was Luster. He wasn’t looking forward to the journey to the Kingdom of the Sea.

Chapter 2

The massacre was terrible. The dragons were all soldiers, their bodies frozen in horrific positions and pain on their faces, eternally etched in the remains of their bodies. Luster felt terrible, this wasn’t what he had hoped the outside world looked like. He told the others to land and help him. He couldn’t rest until all of the soldiers were saved. The seven of them heaved the massive bodies into graves each of them dug and covered them, placing stones with scratches in them spelling out, ‘in memory of a hero’. It took them all day to bury the bodies, but it made all of the dragonets clear their conscience. There were over a thousand stones with the same writing on them, underneath the stones lie the bodies of every species of dragon…except NightWing. They all said thanks and honored the souls of the dragons and continued on their journey across Pyrrhia.

This time, they walked together across the frozen tundra, tired of flying. The pack was not very conspicuous. The only ones that blended into the snow were Crystal, Nova, and somewhat Gila and Wrasse. Luster, Comet, and Xenops were clearly visible. It also didn’t help much that Xenops left a trail of burned footprints. The dragonets used Nova’s intelligence to figure out where they were going. Eventually, the group found a bunker underground to sleep in for the night.

“I think we should turn left in the morning.” Gila argued, “Although your brain is huge, I don’t think it is filled to the brim with knowledge. I’ll bet you don’t even know where we are going!” Crystal snarled at Nova, who crumpled into a ball and tried to hide in the corner. Luster have him a look that said, “Stand up for yourself”, hoping he got the message. Nova stood up, he was the second largest of the group, shoved his glasses back into place, and flared his snowy wings. “Fine! We’ll take a vote! All in favor of following the Dragonet with an A+ in Geography?” he looked around the room to see only Luster and Wrasse have their hands up, he sighed, “All in favor of following Gila?” he sighed again at the over ruling. His snout drooped and he crawled back into the corner in a sad heap. Luster smiled and patted his shoulder, “I think you were a great leader.” Nova smiled and nodded. “Where are we going again?” Wrasse asked, looking into a blank area. Her head turned as Comet answered. “The Kingdom of the Sea.” Her face brightened up, “I will get to meet my family and queen and…I can’t wait!” she shouted excitedly. Everyone in the room loved Wrasse, she was just so innocent and optimistic, even with her blindness.

That night, Comet sat outside, staring into the sky filled with stars. His pale eyes smiled as they searched the night for the constellations he had learned about from Sonic. Luster quietly waltzed up next to him, brushing wingtips, making him jump. Luster smiled, “Sorry, I just wanted to see what you were doing.” He apologized to Comet, who scooted over to make space for Luster. “So…what are you doing?” he repeated, “Um, I guess I’m missing Sonic and Glint. I really hope they…made it out. I was looking at the sky and noticed the constellations and missed Sonic because he showed us them. I just…” Comet said, slightly to himself. “Want to see them again.” Luster finished. Comet nodded. Luster walked back into the cave, leaving Comet by himself. He stared into the night, longingly.

The next morning, Luster woke up and realized the cave was a little too spacious. He did a quick head count. Comet was missing. He started to panic, “oh, where did he go? Did he just go out to hunt, or…” he thought. He realized what happened and shook everyone awake. “What?” they all seemed to moan, he told them the news and they all sat straight up, their faces full of worry. “Where did he go?” Gila asked concerned. “I think I have an idea.” Luster spoke up, “I think he went to the ravine.” Their faces sunk. “To go see if Sonic and Glint were OK? Yep, that sounds like Comet.” Crystal said sarcastically. The group settled that they needed Comet, so they decided to backtrack. They flew over the ravine, but didn’t spot any black scales. “We need to go down there!” Xenops shouted over the wind, and the six dragonets dove into the crevice.

Once all twenty-three feet touched ground, they split up to search. “Comet! Comet!” could be heard echoing in every corner of the ravine. “Hey, everyone! Come see this.” Crystal sounded annoyed as she shouted with Wrasse right behind her. The others flocked to her side to see that the cave where they had lived before was open, even though Sonic closed it after we left, sealing the three dragons inside. The dragonets ran inside to see the floor, once smooth, now covered in claw scrapes and red stains. From the markings on the ground, you could see where he fight moved. Luster followed it with Nova and Xenops, Gila, Wrasse, and Crystal went in the opposite direction. Luster followed the trail into the sleeping cave and into the fighting cavern, and finally into the study cave. At the end of the trail were two large bodies, one gold, and one black. Only the black body was much smaller than the golden body. The head of the black body rose with tears in his eyes, it was Comet. Beside him was Sonic, but it was hard to tell if he was dead or alive.

Luster shouted for the other and they came rushing into the cave and stopped in their tracks as they saw Sonic’s body. His golden scales were dull and some were missing, leaving gaping holes into his skin. Thankfully, Wrasse couldn’t see the tragedy, otherwise she would be bawling her eyes out. Gila rushed over to the body of their teacher and checked for a pulse. It seemed like an eternity until she returned with the verdict.

“Sonic…” she breathed, it was hard to read her expression, “is alive.” She finished with a smile, “but only barely. We need to see his wounds.” She ordered Crystal and Nova to roll him over. He moaned in pain as he shifted and the seven dragonets gasped at the sight. His face was badly burned and had deep gashes in his neck that looked like claw marks. His eyes were plastered shut with blood and his legs were severely injured, one was terribly broken and the other reduced to shreds of flesh. The dragonets, even Crystal and Gila, started to cry. Once again, Luster was thankful Wrasse couldn’t see.

Then, Sonic coughed and wheezed, “Dragonets” he whispered, “you must know. The stakes for you are much worse than anyone imagined. You must go to the kingdom of the sea, the Guardians will be waiting for you, go to them quietly. Go, do not waste time on me.” He coughed again. “No!” Wrasse screamed and ran to his face, he had only one eye open and when he saw Wrasse his face brightened and then turned sorrowful, “You can’t leave us! We can’t leave you! I will stay with you. I will stay with you forever.” His eye started to tear up and he smiled painfully, “Wrasse, you need to go. You can find your family.” He looked like he never wanted the tiny dragonet to leave. “You are my family.” She said as she cuddled into his bloody and gold body.

All of the dragonets except for Xenops hugged their teacher, and swore to come back. They were going to get help. Gila had Comet stay with Wrasse since it was obvious she wasn’t moving. Then the remaining five ventured out into the sunlight and back to where they had the argument earlier. It took them all day to reach the place from earlier. The three moons welcomed them back to the resting place of thousands of soldiers. Luster sat outside where he and Comet sat the night before. In the night, he thought he saw something move in the stars, which turned out to be nothing. The night made him think of Obsidian, the NightWing Sonic and Glint had fought. Sonic hadn’t said anything about Obsidian or Glint. Were they okay? Are they alive? Luster started to worry. What happened to Glint, she wasn’t in the caves. Maybe she escaped and fled for the sea or the rainforest. Luster wasn’t sure, but it wasn’t making him feel any better. That night he fell asleep in a cave two dragonets too empty.

Chapter 3

Luster felt empty. He was missing two of his friends, he thought of them like siblings. Not having Wrasse as a reassurance was not fun. He looked at his back, which had opened again since the attack from Glint. The pain was excruciating and it seared as if on fire. Luster tried to flex his wings and recoiled at the pain like glass cutting into his skin. A flicker of blue flashed across his spine and faded back into the color of his scales, which, at the moment, were a shining silver with flashes of red along his legs. The sun rose and Gila, Xenops, Nova, and Crystal woke up in the sunlight. “We need to move.” Gila said, still half asleep she stood and wobbled over to the opening of the cave and stretched her orange wings.

The five of them flew over the snowy landscape, staring at both the ground and the sky above them. Luster looked to Nova, who was right beside him staring at the ground intently. Luster brushed wings and Nova turned to see him waving. He waved back.

They flew for three days in who-knows-what direction. Their wings ached from the exercise and they took breaks often. In the morning of the third day, finally something happened. “Look!” Xenops shouted to the wind and the five dragonets looked at where she was pointing. It was a NightWing. And it was in trouble. The wind was picking up and throwing snow in all directions. It was the start of a blizzard.

“We need to help them!” she shouted again as she swooped gracefully into the storm. Luster followed her, tailed by the others. They dove and the wind ripped them off course and sent them tumbling. Eventually, the five reached the NightWing. She was struggling against the storm, and when she saw the five silhouettes in the distance, she stopped. Nova rushed to her first, thinking she would take kindly to her own species. She stood in awe at him, his white scales shone and he spread his wings to shield her from the snow. Luster caught up and studied her. She was an adult, her scales were black, but had a strange iridescence. But she had more scars than scales. One horn was broken and her neck was bent at an awkward angle. Her wings had no stars and were pure black, and her eyes were the same color as her scales.

Her eyes darted from each dragonet, and she surprisingly didn’t attack, as he thought she would considering there were four dragonets of tribes that go against her own. Instead she didn’t fight at all. “Come with us!” Gila shouted and the NightWing nodded painfully. The six then dug a hole deep enough to fit all of the dragonets and their guest. Once inside, they decided to interrogate their new roommate. But she decided to tell them everything before they asked. “My name is Eclipse. I came from a NightWing patrol when my teammates turned on me and attacked, which is how I got these,” she said gesturing to her wounds, out of the corner of his eye, Luster thought he saw Nova give a quizzical look. He then heard a voice in his head that sounded like Nova’s, “she’s a liar.” it said quietly. “I was dumped in the ice kingdom to die, but I was a healer in my tribe, so I could survive.” She nodded thanks to Gila anyway, though.

“Wait,” Crystal blurted out at Eclipse, “you’re a healer?” she nodded, Crystal looked at the faces of the other dragonets, “can you still heal people?” she nodded again, “could you heal our friend, he really needs help?” she thought for a moment and then nodded again. Crystal smiled, as did all of the dragonets, “Thank you.” Gila said, relieved that she might have a chance to get her teacher back. “Where is he?” Eclipse asked, looking around like he was in the hole. “In a cave a while in the opposite direction, will you help us?” Eclipse seemed to be thinking where it was then nodded.

They started the next morning when the storm had left. They continued their three day journey back to Sonic with Eclipse in tow. Everyone was excited to get back and see him. Once the ravine was in sight, the dragonets dove and glided into the crack in the earth and landed with amazing grace. Eclipse followed, but flew in a zigzag pattern and flapped her wings furiously. She landed with a thump and shook herself at the painful landing. They led her into the cave and Crystal led the way, racing to get to Wrasse. She rushed into the study cave and gave Wrasse a hug, who screamed, not knowing who it was. Sonic was in worse condition, though his wounds were healing. “Did you get help?” Comet asked as Eclipse walked into the room. He was blown away by her. Luster had to admit, she was really pretty, but her wounds kind of freaked him out, and the fact Nova said she was lying. “Who’s here?” Wrasse whipped her head around frantically and Crystal filled her in.

“Can you fix him?” Comet asked as Eclipse inspected Sonic’s wounds. There was a long pause as she looked at his face, their eyes met and Sonic’s eye widened slightly. “Most likely. It will take time.” She said after a while. “But you need to leave, I need privacy and I don’t think you will want to witness it.” She gestured to the door as Wrasse came prancing over, “You, too.” She nodded at Wrasse who didn’t respond, “But I’m blind.” Eclipse’s face showed a pang of sympathy. “Sorry, but you don’t want to hear his screams either.” Wrasse looked horrified as she turned and ran into a wall next to the door. She stumbled back and went out the doorway with tears in her eyes.

It was four days until they were allowed in the room with Sonic. When they entered, Sonic was standing and flexing his wings, grimacing slightly. His eyes were fully open and he was smiling as Wrasse entered the room. When everyone else entered the room, they gasped at his recovery. Sonic went over to Wrasse, who was still standing there, not knowing what to do. He patted her head and she hugged him, knowing it was him. He turned to Eclipse, who was smiling. “There you go, dragonets. You have your guardian back.” Eclipse smiled at Sonic, who just remembered something. “Oh! Dragonets, I must tell you. Do you know who that is?” he asked pointing to Eclipse. “Yeah,” everyone but Nova responded, “that’s Eclipse.” Nova shook his head and Eclipse smiled, “that,” he said, pointing his snout toward her, “is Borealis. I told you guys earlier she was a liar.” Borealis smiled and patted his head. “That is correct, I lied. I am the teller of your prophecy, which is how I got the wounds. I am surprised at your appearance.” She said, “Sonic told me almost everything, except your names.” She said expectantly. Gila nodded and pointed to each dragonet saying their name. “That is Xenops, Comet, Nova, Luster, Wrasse, Crystal, and I’m Gila. Pleasure to meet you, Why were you in the ice kingdom?”

“I was roaming around, since I was banished. Thankfully you showed up, I thought that storm would be the last I braved.” There was a pause. “Hold on!” Luster stated in the silence, “You are Borealis. You knew we were the dragonets. And while you were healing sonic, you revealed yourself. Do I have everything right?” Borealis nodded. “And one other thing.” He said, looking at Sonic. “What happened to Glint and Obsidian?”

Sonic’s expression was grim. “She was killed in the fight with Obsidian. Obsidian was also killed though. I’m not sure what else has happened.” His voice was hollow. “We need to leave.” Raven ruined the moment thankfully, “I think the NightWings will arrive soon, checking to see if their prince was killed.” She stated plainly, slowly making for the door. She spread her wings and, once outside, flew up crookedly and waited for the others. Luster leaped into the air, snapping his black wings open and catching the wind, soaring upward to Borealis. He looked below to see the other dragonets helping Sonic lift off, but he did well. The other sets of wings rose and caught up. Sonic nodded he was okay and Borealis continued.

“Where are we going?” Wrasse asked after they had landed and took a break. “We are going to go see Queen Hoarfrost.” Borealis and Sonic said in unison. “Isn’t she supposed to be very, um how do I say this, uh, malicious? And isn’t her castle far away and really cold?” Nova said, rubbing his head. She waved her talons, “No, she is actually very kind, even to me. Hopefully she will take to you. And her castle was moved closer to the SandWing border to allow her MudWing allies to battle near the castle.” She said, thinking. The sun was setting and throwing a golden glow over the snowy tundra.

“Good-bye, dragonets.” Borealis said, turning the other direction with Sonic, “We will see you at the Kingdom of the Sea.” Sonic said as he stretched his golden wings. “Wait. We are on our own?” Gila asked her teacher, “Yes, good luck.” He said as he flew off in the direction opposite of Hoarfrost’s castle. “Now what?” Crystal asked a while after they had left, breaking the silence. “I remember Glint telling me to see all of the Queens and then choose which one to follow.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

The dragonets continued their journey to Hoarfrost’s Castle. Luster saw it in the distance. It looked like it came right out of a fairy tale. On the horizon was a large glacier, and carved into it was an elegant castle with towers. There were waterfalls of crystal clear water pouring down the sides and it was blue like the sea. It was much more impressive than in the scrolls. But in the distance, Luster saw guards. Guards that wouldn’t let them in.

It was night and it wasn’t a good time to try to enter the castle, so they set up camp. “How do we get past the guards?” Luster asked. “We,” Gila said pointing to Xenops, “have a secret weapon. No one can hurt her. They will have to let us in.” Gila looked proud of her idea, but Xenops looked sad, “But, just to be safe,” Crystal piped up, “I will go first. Along with Nova and Comet to make sure they will let us in. if not, we will make them let us in.” an eerie grin crept across her snout. That night, Luster dreamt about the horrors of making Xenops fight. This will not be fun.

Chapter 4

“Hey, Frost! Get a load of this!” a guard shouted to the other guard on the opposite side of the gate, who came rushing over. “This IceWing is saying she has friends that are enemies and if we could let them in. And she said if we didn’t, they would make us.” He laughed in Crystal’s face. She snorted, “Fine, you will regret it!” she growled, and told Nova to give the signal. He sent a message through their heads to come. “Get over here.” It said to Luster, who was ready for a fight. He turned to Xenops and she gave a nod. They were ready. Xenops took off, so the guards wouldn’t see her and know about her fire and the rest of them walked up to the gate, looking into the eyes of the guards. They laughed, “How old are you? Three?” he laughed again and waited for an answer. “Five.” Gila growled. “If our fried can beat one of you, will you let us in to see the Queen?” the guard snorted, “Sure, I’ll take your challenge. A Twenty-nine year old verses a five, who will win? I don’t want to hurt this little dragonet. Where is he?” he looked around to see if anyone would step up.

Out of the sky, Xenops dramatically landed hard and looked into his eyes, he instantly hated her. “I am a girl. And I will win.” She snarled confidently. She flared her rusty wings and urged him to come and get some. The guard growled and leaped with his jaws flared and claws gleaming in the morning light. He latched onto her neck, and when he was going to break it and end the fight, he screamed and recoiled. He looked at his talons to see bright burn marks and he looked into her eyes and in his was pure fear. She quickly stepped over to him and raked her claws through his wings, which disintegrated at her touch. He screamed as she then scraped her talons against his scales, burning them off. He screamed and huddled on the floor, waiting for her to kill him, like he was going to do to her.

Xenops stood and looked down on him pitifully. He looked into her eyes and saw he wasn’t going to die. There was a strange silence, “Okay, you must be Frost.” Crystal said to the other guard to break the tension, “could you give us an escort?” she asked. He nodded fearfully keeping an eye on Xenops, who looked at the other guard, “He needs help.” She said to her friends, Crystal nodded and looked at Frost, he seemed to understand the look. “I will send for a healer.” He said as he led the dragonets into the castle.

Luster looked around at the walls, which were decorated with ornate carvings of IceWings. The castle ceiling was at least twelve floors above the ground, which was slippery and difficult to walk on. The guard led the dragonets into a large doorway titled, ‘Guests’. It opened into a huge side of the palace which was warmer and less icy. The floor was covered with stone tiles and the wing was filled with NightWings and MudWings. They all stared as the dragonets walked in. They all seemed confused at why there was a SkyWing in the castle. It was even stranger to see NightWing with a SkyWing and have them both alive. Frost brought them up to the top and onto a small ledge big enough for one dragon at a time. The ledge was a foothold to go into a cave each dragonet went inside and when they were all in, stone bars crashed down over the exit. They were trapped in a jail cell. “I will tell the Queen of your presence.” Frost said on his way out. Wrasse, who was the last one in asked what this place looked like.

“It has light blue walls with dragons carved into them and there were waterfalls out front. We are in a room designed for MudWings and NightWings. The floors are stone and the walls are stone, too.” Comet explained. She looked around as if she could see. “It’s pretty.” She said with a voice full of awe. They slept one night and stayed one day in the cell and received food once, it was frozen. Gila kept on complaining that it was too hot in here. Luster was relieved when Hoarfrost showed her face through the bars.

“What do we have here? An IceWing, good, two NightWings, good, a RainWing, eh, a SeaWing, eh, a SandWing, not really a big fan, and a SkyWing, now how did you end up in here? I told Glacier to kill any SkyWing he saw. Hmm.” She said with her silver scales gleaming with ice crystals on them.  “I will have a private session with each of you. But you will be first.” She said pointing to Wrasse. “No,” Crystal said, “I go with her, we do not separate.” she growled, Xenops stepped up, ready to protect her friends. “Oh, you are a feisty one now aren’t you?” the queen said condescendingly to Crystal, “Fine then, I will do a ‘group interview’. How does that sound?” she asked and received no answer, “That sounds good? Good. Now come with me.” She said, opening the gate and spreading her silver wings.

Once in her chambers, the Queen sat in her throne of beautiful ice crystals and blue gems and sighed. “Okay, my first question is how you got in here?” she asked. “Well,” Gila started, “Crystal asked if we could come in to the guard, he said no.” she was interrupted, “Who is Crystal?” Hoarfrost asked and Crystal stepped forward, “Good name, continue.” Gila cleared her throat, “so, Crystal asked if he was willing to fight. She said if our friend won, we could be let in. he agreed and lost.” Gila finished, “Wait, one of you beat Glacier? Only I have beaten Glacier in a fight. Who was it?” the queen said, outraged. Xenops responded with “Me” Hoarfrost looked like she was on fire. “How could a young dragonet beat my best fighter? Allow me, may we fight?” she asked, not taking no for an answer. Xenops looked worried, Nova rushed to her, “No, you can’t do this! She is the best fighter Pyrrhia has ever seen or known.” He shouted, but Xenops nodded him aside, “I can do this.” she said as she stepped up to Queen Hoarfrost and prepared to fight.

Hoarfrost attacked first, lashing at Xenops’s snout, but whipped her talons back to see her claws scorched. She looked up at Xenops, who was standing there full of herself. “Oh, I see, you beat Glacier because you have too much fire. No one can touch you!” she laughed, “In that case, I should probably make you a friend. I don’t need a fight, I’ve seen enough.” She waved Xenops back to the others. “So, where were you coming from and why did you need to get into my castle so badly?”

“We are the dragonets of destiny!” Wrasse screamed in the opposite direction, “Um, what is your name?” the queen asked, Wrasse turned and looked above Hoarfrost’s head, “I’m Wrasse.” She said, the queen looked to Crystal for help, she mouthed “She’s blind.” Hoarfrost nodded. “Now really?” She said with fake enthusiasm, “But where is the MudWing and why is there two NightWings?” Comet interrupted, “There was an accident. I was the MudWing replacement and Luster is the RainWing replacement.” He said. “Who is Luster?” Luster stepped forward. “I thought so. Now, what is with the black? Is it a style thing or…?” she asked, “It’s a mutation,” he said, “See.” He changed colors to match the floor, turning completely invisible. Except for the black scales. “They don’t change.” He said reappearing.

“Well, it was nice having you here, you are free to roam the castle, but wear these,” Hoarfrost said to them, giving each a necklace of stones, “they will show the IceWings you are a friend.” She said. She closed the doors of her chamber behind them. This was the second time seeing it, and it was kind of freaking Luster out. In the walls, there were bodies frozen into the ice. Carved in the ice the dragon was stuck in were little inscriptions. They were graves. One caught Luster’s eye them most, though. It was a magnificent dragon with dirty white scales and had his wings outstretched. He was sitting in such a way that when you read the inscriptions, he stares right at you. In the carving, it said, “Here sits one of the greatest kings to see the world. Rime was killed in battle and found by Queen Hoarfrost and was frozen as soon as possible. He was kind, charming, and the best fighting partner a queen could have.” This was the grave of the king of ice. Throughout the castle, there were these graves for various dragons and dragonets.

As they were walking back to the cave they were shown earlier, they heard a loud roar echo through the castle. Everything went eerily quiet and still. Then Hoarfrost came barging into the guest wing and started bellowing to all of the NightWing s and MudWings that there was a fight breaking out. She said it was happening near the sand and ice border. Luster’s heart sank. That was the direction Borealis and Sonic went. He told the others and they agreed they needed to help. They rushed out of the palace with the soldiers and flew overhead, making sure their necklaces were visible.

In the distance, Luster saw the fight. It consisted of only SandWings and IceWings. Except for two dragons trying to avoid the fight by flying over it. It was Borealis and Sonic. Luster flew as fast as his black wings could, flapping frantically and diving to gain speed. When he reached them, he was just in time to take a hard blow to the stomach from a SandWing fighter. They were aiming for Borealis, but he got in the way. He regained balance in time to see Wrasse come out of nowhere and rip his wings to shreds, he plummeted to the ground with a deafening thump. Although she was blind, she was surprisingly the best fighter. Borealis noticed Luster and Wrasse and pulled them under her wings. She told Sonic what was happening and dove to the ground followed by Sonic and the other dragonets. She landed in a forest a ways away from the fighting. Luster coughed and sat down next to Wrasse, who was alone for once.

Wrasse was kind of scary. She was the one who caused most of Glint’s scars. When she was threatened or scared, she was as dangerous as Glint herself. Wrasse won once. Glint was so mad.

Wrasse and crystal had a strange connection. It was like Crystal was trying to be Wrasse’s mother, even though they were the same age. Crystal never left her side. She was very protective and hates to admit that Wrasse should be taking care of her.

After a while the fight ended and the bodies of many lay on the ground. The queen of each side of the fight buried their soldiers and went back to the castle. Hoarfrost took flight back to the castle. “We need to go back.” Wrasse whispered, “She will know we left and come looking for us.” She finished. “You can come, too.” Crystal added to Borealis and Sonic. They nodded and were ready to fly back to the castle.

The journey didn’t take too long. When they arrived through the front gate, the castle was almost empty. Gila rushed to where Hoarfrost’s room was and barged in. Hoarfrost was crying. She looked up when the dragonets entered, followed by Borealis and their teacher. She wiped her tears and stood up on her throne. She then pounced onto Sonic, who wasn’t ready. She grabbed his wings, pinning them to the floor. She flared her jaws, ready to freeze him. Then she felt a burning on her tail. She whipped around to see Nova breathing a strange blue fire onto her tail. She screamed and was about to attack him when Luster heard a roar and realized it was his and he was already on Hoarfrost’s back clawing at her scales. Borealis attacked her underbelly and tried to help out Sonic. Hoarfrost was confused and after she fought off the dragonets, she turned back to Sonic, who was too weak to fight back. Then Xenops landed over him, standing between the predator and prey. She hissed and flared her wings, making her look much bigger. She looked really dangerous.

Hoarfrost arched her neck and looked down at the dragonet. “I would protect him with my life. You need to kill me before him.” Xenops said threateningly to the queen. Hoarfrost growled and backed up, releasing Sonic’s wings. “Why is he so important to you?” Hoarfrost spat, her pale blue forked tongue flickered in and out of her mouth menacingly. “He was our teacher for our whole lives. He was like a father to me. Would you have died for your father?” Xenops asked, “No, my father hated me and loved my sister, Gleam. When she challenged our mother, it was devastating. My sister died and my father acted like it was my fault. I hated him ever since. After her death, I trained to be the best, which was when I met Rime and became the best fighter in Pyrrhia, he was the best fighter next to me. I couldn’t believe his death. When I was queen, I banished my father out of hatred. I later received news of his death from a SandWing. I laughed.” She finished. Xenops had no idea what to say.

“Well, if he must live, he must go in the prisons, with the other.” She uttered in defeat. She sighed and smiled. “Borealis! Oh, I have missed you. How are you, darling?” the queen asked, embracing the crippled dragon. “Um, I’m fine. But can I stay with the dragonets? For the night I mean.” She said as they let go. Hoarfrost nodded, inspecting the burns on her tail. She dismissed them and licked her wounds on her stomach.

It was already dark out, not that it really stayed light out for long in the arctic. Two IceWings seized Sonic and dragged him into a part of the palace labeled, ‘Prison’. Luster felt bad, he wanted to see his teacher, but because of the strict curfew, he had to stay in his quarters. He sighed as he entered their tiny cave for the third time.

It was dark and everyone was asleep. Luster couldn’t rest, so he decided to explore. He escaped the cave and turned mostly invisible. “Time to find Sonic.” He said to himself as he entered the prison.

Chapter 5

The castle as really cold, colder than usual. Luster shivered and stretched his wings slightly. The prison wing was freezing. He travelled on cold talons and when he reached to actual prison, he was blown away.

The prison was beautiful. There were icicles hanging from the ceiling and clear waterfalls cascading down the walls. There were small islands hanging off the walls and off the floor. The floor was covered in white sparkling icicles. This place was horrifying. If you didn’t die of hypothermia, there were spikes on the ground in case you felt like jumping. There was a guard, who was asleep. Luster snuck past to look at the prison again. He got a closer look at the actual prisoners.

Most were SandWings with a few of every tribe, except NightWing and SkyWing. Each prisoner had their wings clamped and were held on their pedestal by a thick chain always covered in ice. Luster spotted a pair of clamped golden wings and soared up to see. He changed his scales to a darker shade of the walls. It was really hard to fly, considering all of the cold air was pushing him down. He landed on the pedestal to see the face of the golden dragon.

It wasn’t Sonic. But, that was the only pair of golden wings Luster saw. He looked around at all of the islands again and still saw no gold. He turned to the dragonet he was next to and smiled. “Who are you? Are you here to help me? Please get me out of here!” the dragonet pleaded in a quiet voice. “Did you see another dragon with golden scales?” Luster whispered, ignoring his questions, “No, I’m the only SkyWing with golden wings. My family and I are very high ranked, we all have the golden scales. But after I got captured, they hid and didn’t come to find me.” He trailed off thinking. Something clicked in Luster’s head. “How long ago did you get captured?” he asked, “Um, I’m six now, I was one…so…five years ago.” He said. About the time Sonic joined the Guardians of Truth. “Did you have a father?” Luster asked, “Yeah, he was awesome. He was so nice.” The dragonet said in awe, “What was his name?” he asked, trying to get the answer. “Sonic.”

“Why, did you see him?” he asked excitedly. Luster nodded. The dragonet sprang up, “Where? How? What happened?” he asked hastily. Luster said, “He was my teacher, for five years, we lived in a ravine in the ice kingdom. He got attacked by a NightWing and was really hurt, but our friend helped him. He was just arrested today by Hoarfrost.” He said. The dragonet looked excited, “Where is he?” Luster shook his head, “I don’t know, that is why I asked you.” They both thought. “Maybe he is in the Special prison.” He said after a while, “it’s where the queen usually puts SkyWing prisoners. It is near her room. I got out of it because I was one and I grew up in prison.” Luster felt bad. A one year old dragonet grew up in prison without his family. “I will find him. I’ll tell him you are here.” Luster replied, spreading his black wings. “Wait. Can you get me out?” the dragonet asked tugging at the thick chain around his neck. “I will come back. I’ll see what I can do, but I am younger than you, so I don’t know.” He said, leaping off the island and soaring to where Hoarfrost slept.

Sure enough, next to the entrance to Hoarfrost’s room was a doorway solidly locked, labeled “SkyWings.” She really hates SkyWings. Luster stalked quietly over to the gate. He tugged on the lock, it didn’t budge. He sighed, “Now what.” He said to himself, “hmm…” he said as he saw a tiny gap in the gate near the roof. Big enough for a five year old dragonet. He flapped his wings, rising loudly to the top. He squeezed through the hole and found an even more intense prison. The dragons were on small pedestals big enough for only one small body. Underneath them was a horrifying fall onto a bed of icicles. Each dragon also had their wings clamped and were now connected to one another by chains and were not held onto the stands by anything but the other prisoners. This prison was much colder. Some of the prisoners were lying down, covered in ice and not moving. This was terrible.

On one of the pedestals, one up near the ceiling, was a dragon with golden scales. If what the dragonet said was true, then it had to be Sonic. Luster was way too tired to fly, he had been flying all day and his muscles hurt like salt and ice. Instead, he turned to the gate behind him and jumped onto a thin ledge above the opening. One of the SkyWings noticed the dragonet, whose scales were a bright blue and green, jumping along the walls. “Hey!” she yelled to Luster, “Hey, help us! Get us out of here!” she shouted. The sound echoed around the icy walls and reverberated in the prison. Luster told her to quiet down and he would try. He leapt over to her stand and looked more closely at the shackles. They ran over to a dragon with dark red scales on the left and to an almost yellow dragonet on the right. They were both sleeping. He scraped at her chains but told her it was no use. He then hopped back to the wall and continued to climb on the ledges. They spiraled up to the top pedestal, where Sonic was.

Luster jumped onto the pedestal, trying to take up as little space as possible. The sudden shudder of the ground awoke the dragon. He turned his sleepy head to Luster. It was Sonic. At the sight of his student, he smiled. He lunged over and gave him a hug. “I know it hasn’t been a while since I saw you last,” he whispered, “but it’s good to see you. By the way, thanks for helping save me from Hoarfrost. She hates SkyWings.” He finished. They quit hugging and Luster felt the urge to bring up the dragonet. “Hey, Sonic, did you-uh-have a-a son?” He stumbled worried he would ruin the moment, he nodded, “Jay. He was my pride and joy. He was stolen by MudWings and brought to Hoarfrost. He was the reason I joined the Guardians. I was supposed to save him, bring him back home. But then I received news from an IceWing spy that he was killed. I lost it and that was when I met you dragonets. You brought me back together.” He paused, “Wait, why? I haven’t told you anything about my life before joining.” Luster felt awkward. How do you put something like this to him? “Um, you see, Jay-uh-he isn’t dead.” He said quietly. Sonic jumped to his feet and looked all around the prison.

“Where? Where is he?” he said looking around, “I don’t see him!” he looked worried. “He is in the regular prison. Trust me, he wants to see you as much as you want to see him.” Luster laughed. Sonic tried to smile, “Yeah, I need to see my son. Could you possibly bring him to me? Oh, I’ll bet he knows nothing, how to fly, breathe fire…” he listed pitifully. Luster felt really bad, Jay doesn’t even know how to fly. “I’ll try. The chains in the other prison aren’t as strong, but they are still really thick. We will see what we can do.” He stated. Sonic nodded, “Please do what you can. I need my son.”

Luster spent most of the night sleeping next to Sonic, his body was warm and more comforting than the cold stone of the cave. Morning light streamed into the room through small holes in the ceiling, it bounced off of the icicles, causing the light to refract and sent a rainbow through the prison. Luster started awake. He looked around to notice it was morning. He had to get out of the prison. He jumped off the pedestal and spread his wings quickly and was forced down by the cold air. He landed on the ground just inches from where the floor dropped into the spikes below. He skidded on the ice and sprinted out of the prison. The castle was yawning and there was the faint flutter of wings in the Guest wing. He dashed into the cave to find everyone asleep still. He sighed a breath of relief and laid down, pretending to have slept there all night. Nova raised his white head and yawned, showing his white teeth and dark tongue. Luster smiled.

“Nova,” he whispered to the NightWing, “Hey, did you know Sonic had a son?” Nova jumped at the sound of his name and shook his head, “His name is Jay and he is in the prison. I saw them both last night.” Luster said, trying to make Nova a little jealous. He sure looked it. “How is he?” he asked anxiously. “He’s fine, but I’ll need everyone’s help to get his son out of prison.” Luster said expectantly. Nova shrugged, “I’ve never seen the prison, so I don’t know if it is possible.”

The rest of the dragonets awoke sleepily. “Come on!!” Luster shouted at his friends, “Come, we need to see something. I think he would like visitors.” They looked confused, but Luster left them in the dark and jumped out of the cave and onto the floor. The Mud and NightWings were all awake and formed a wave of black and brown out of the wing, heading toward another tunnel system that smelt of fish and other foods. His stomach growled, but he continued through the mob and into the center of the castle, standing in front of the prison. He was joined by his peers and Borealis, who looked really tired. She looked like she didn’t sleep a night. Luster nodded toward the prison and their faces lit up, “We get to see Sonic!” Gila whispered to Wrasse, who was instantly awakened and alert. The guard was awake this time and guarding the entrance gate.

“May we enter?” Borealis said, stepping in front of Luster, who as about to talk. Each dragonet made sure their necklace was visible. The guard stepped aside and allowed them past. Borealis was the first one in the prison and as soon as she saw gold, she rocketed upward. The rest of the dragonets followed. Comet jumped up on the ledges on the walls and Crystal carried Wrasse up. They all hovered around the platform, except for Comet, who sat on the edge, and Wrasse, who launched herself into the dragon. Jay reacted in total surprise, he thought he was being attacked. He lashed out at her with sharp talons, clawing at her snout. She screamed and countered by whacking him in the head with her powerful tail and ripping at his legs. Borealis rushed in to break it up. “Whoa, whoa, hold on. Don’t start a fight.” She said. She turned to give Sonic a hug then realized it wasn’t him. She recoiled, thinking he was a stranger. “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else.” She said, double checking that there was no more golden dragons.

“Hey, it’s you!” Jay said smiling at Luster. Nova could tell it was Sonic’s son. “Jay, I would like you to meet my friends. This is Gila, Nova, Crystal, Borealis, Comet is over there, and the dragonet that attacked you is Wrasse. I’m Luster.” Wrasse wrinkled her bloody snout, “Who is Jay?” Borealis interrupted, “Sonic’s son.” Wrasse wiped her snout, “Oh, sorry I attacked you.” She said, looking in the wrong direction. “I’m sorry I attacked you, by the way, I’m over here.” Jay said, waving in front of her eyes. She didn’t respond, “Oh, I’m blind, I couldn’t tell.” She said, turning in the right direction. “Really? Well, you’re a really good blind fighter.” She smiled.

“Um, why are you guys here, exactly?” Jay asked as Nova inspected the chain. “We’re going to try to bust you out.” Luster whispered in his ear. Jay smiled and nodded. Luster backed up to the edge of the pedestal and spread his black wings, trying to act nonchalant. He blocked the guard from seeing the action. Xenops walked up to the chain, radiating heat. She reached for Jay’s neck, but he recoiled from the extreme heat of her talons. She sighed and reached and grabbed it faster. She clutched the chain around his outstretched neck, trying to keep his face as far from her talons as possible. She held the restraint for a while, which started to slowly melt away. They waited as the hot metal leaked onto the ice-covered floor. Xenops tried to keep as little metal on Jay’s scales.

Once the brace melted, Crystal took off her necklace and handed it to Jay, who tentatively placed it over his head. His golden scales glowed, “I shouldn’t need it,” Crystal said, “I am an IceWing and you’re a SkyWing.” He stroked the stone beads gently. Luster lowered his wings and smiled at Jay, feeling his excitement, “You know where we’re going next.” Luster said. Jay nodded and the dragonets and Borealis soared down to the ground, Borealis shielded Jay from the guard’s sight. Luster lead the way to the SkyWing prison. Standing in front of the gate, he felt his scales change from a pale purple to a vibrant pink and hints of Sonic’s golden scales shone through.

“Ready to see your dad?”

Chapter 6

The dragonets entered the prison and each of them took it in. Jay saw golden scales and shot up, followed by everyone. But Luster stayed down, and was surprised to see Nova. “I need to talk to you.” He said, nodding toward the door, far from earshot. Just then Luster’s stomach rumbled again, “Can we have breakfast first?” he asked, Nova nodded, chuckling and stepping to the wave of hungry dragons outside. Once in the room, they were overwhelmed.

There were four tables set up. Two were covered in IceWings. The other were night and MudWings. Nova moved to the table and sat down and Luster plopped down next to him. They each grabbed handfuls of frozen fruit and meat. “So,” Luster heard echo in his head as he two of them ate. “Have you ever felt like you were always put down, but are much stronger than they think, but just too afraid to show them?” Nova asked telepathically. All the time, he thought, I can do something really deadly and kill anyone if I tried, but I don’t want to be known as a murderer. Luster heard some commotion and looked up from the piles of food he’d accumulated.

In the back of the room, Hoarfrost saw Luster’s bright scales and was walking towards them. “Hello, how is the food?” she asked, gesturing to his full cheeks and pile of treasures, she laughed, “I have something I think you dragonets should do. You see, we have this program called T.D.F., or ‘teaching dragons to fight’. It’s a great program. I’m going to enroll you guys, considering you have had no training.” She smiled, thinking it was the best idea ever. Nova smiled sheepishly, “Sure, sounds helpful.” Then he turned back to eating. “Oh no, here we go.” echoed in Luster’s mind, causing him to smile and yellow to blossom on his spine. He quickly squashed it with navy blue and pale purple.

After they left, they went to the prison and found it missing their friends. They turned and went to their cave and found six dragonets stuffed in with a full grown NightWing. “Guys, we have a new fighting teacher,” Nova said irritably, “Hoarfrost.” They all sunk even further into each other.

The next day was the first day of training, and Luster wasn’t looking forward to it. The seven dragonets, Jay, and Borealis made their way to the wing labeled, “Training.” Once they entered, the corridor split, signs above each tunnel said, “Academic”, and “Combat”. They chose the combat tunnel. After following the dark hallway somewhat lit with torches, it opened into a yawning room filled with IceWings and weapons. There were dragons set in groups, each group had a trainer. Queen Hoarfrost was standing in the center of the room with her shining silver wings spread wide. The walls of blue ice bounced around the metallic scales and cast light reflections on the ceiling.

“Welcome class.” She said smiling, she spread her forearms in a friendly gesture. “Shall we begin? Borealis, will you be joining us…oh, who is this little SkyWing?” she pointed to Jay, who cowered under her gaze and lifted his necklace, “Oh, you can also join if you would like.” He nodded and stood back up. “Now, I would like to hear and see what your strengths and weaknesses are. You, go first.” The queen said, indicating to Comet. “Me? Oh, well…I guess I can-um- well I can’t fly, my wings have problems,” he said, faring them to make the point, “And I guess I can sort of fight. I am the best chess player. Everyone says I’m really fast!” he added quickly at her disappointed look, “Oh,” she perked up, “How fast?” she challenged, getting into running position.

Comet took the invitation and crouched down also. “Go!” the queen yelled and shot forward, racing to the other side of the room. She was a silver bullet, but Comet wasn’t far behind. He caught her tail and hopped on her back, then jumped off her neck to see her surprised face as he used her to win. They skidded on the ice and eventually stopped without hurting themselves too badly. “Well,” said the queen, who was flattening her scales and regaining her composure, “That was a neat trick, using the opponent’s momentum to carry you farther. Smart dragonet.” She added in a mumble to the end, “You.” She said abruptly to Crystal, “Me! Well, if you insist, I have a way with words, or so they tell me. Apparently, I have really strong muscles for a girl,” she glared at Comet, who always made fun of her for her masculinity, “and I am a strong flier. I won’t let anyone get comfortable, with one exception,” she winked at Wrasse, who didn’t respond, “My only weakness I’ve found is that I have three legs and I tend to bite off more than I can chew.” Crystal finished smugly. She stared at Hoarfrost for a reaction, but all that happened was that she yawned, “Are you done? I liked his speech better. Yours was boring and self-confident. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? A friendly tussle?” she offered. Crystal declined, “Fine, you next.” Nova was caught off guard, “Um, I have some secrets I can’t tell you, but I am a NightWing, so I have the powers, but I can’t turn invisible in shadows for obvious reasons. My weakness is battling. I don’t like to fight, but I would never kill a dragon, unless it was a matter of life or death for me or my friends.” His pale scales trembled, “Ah, someone nice and humble, with a spice of humor. Much better than the NightWings I get as soldiers, they’re sour grapes.” She smiled mysteriously, a smile Luster could only place with, “I’ll find out your secrets, somehow.”

“You” Luster scales turned pale green, but he tried to crush the fear with pale purple, trying to look confident, “As a RainWing, I have no defenses. I can sort of turn invisible and I am not as lazy as RainWings are called.” Dark purple shot through his scales and then left as soon as it showed up, I can’t tell her, he thought to himself, but he got the feeling he was being read. “Can you fight?” Hoarfrost asked, Luster shook his head, “Hmm, have you ever used a weapon of any kind?” He shook his head again. She smiled and went over to a rack of sharp looking metal. “Pick one and give it a try, you need to be good at something.” He reached for a pair of sharp, gleaming disks with serrated edges. He threw them at a target lazily and hit it right in the center. Everyone gasped and a few applauded, Luster grabbed something else to try his luck, this time gripping a dagger with an ornate dragon handle. He took a step back and flung it with all of his muscle. It hit the center. He chuckled at his lucky throws.

“You have pretty good aim,” Hoarfrost said in awe, “but can you use them to fight? Hit that thing in one shot to kill it.” She said pointing to a dummy dragon made of dirty brown cloth and was filled with cotton, which was spilling out of wounds it had on the neck, chest, wings, and snout. Luster grabbed the disks out of the target and whipped them at the stuffed dragon, neatly slicing its head off and going straight into the chest. The entire training room went as silent as night. All IceWing eyes were on him, and the eyes of his friends. Hoarfrost’s dark eyes were wide. Luster felt finally dangerous, but not really in a good way. He finally had respect, he had always been chided because he had no powers or defenses. Now that all changed. He felt a wave of pride and pale purple flooded his scales, but were quickly replaced by a bright orange. He smiled and whipped around and grabbed handfuls of weapons: disks, daggers, axes, spears, and many others, and lashed each and every last metal killer into the dummy, save for a silver sword embroidered with jewels of every color possible. The blade was slightly curved and serrated on one side, sickeningly sharp on the opposite. With the sword was a sheath just as bejeweled, which was placed tenderly over his shoulders and held the sword.

“Oh come on! Anyone can do that!” Crystal complained jealously. She ran over to the dummy and withdrew the disks. She stepped back to where Luster was standing and threw them at the dummy. They got lodged in the ceiling. She grabbed a knife and threw it. It went over its head. Crystal huffed and walked back to where she was standing, humiliated. Luster felt his scales go a bright yellow and pink rose onto the tip of his tail. I have something I can do, that no one else can. Well, make that two things. He thought, adding the last part after a while. Hoarfrost seemed to be bored with watching a dragonet throw knives. She waved Luster away.

“Next.” She said lazily. Wrasse stepped up proudly. Crystal inhaled sharply. “I’m Wrasse. I’m a really good fighter and I am very sneaky, I got yelled at a lot for that.” She giggled, “And I’m blind.”  Hoarfrost smiled. “You can fight even though you are blind? I need to see this, do you mind?” she asked, bending down a little to look at her snout. Wrasse shook her head and quickly flared her blue-grey wings and lowed her head into fighting position. Her ears went on high alert and were pricked and ready. An IceWing, blinding white with silvery wings and dark eyes stepped over. She looked at Wrasse, “Do I really need to fight a blind, five-year-old?” she complained. Hoarfrost gave her a look that could kill and then the IceWing turned back to Wrasse and prepared to fight. The IceWing made the first move. She flapped her wings and flew to the ceiling of the room. Wrasse waited a while, sitting on the ground, not moving. Her ears moved and twitched and her tail lashed side to side. The IceWing swooped low and attacked Wrasse from the air. Wrasse stood there as she came closer, until she was right on top of her. On the split second before impact, Wrasse whipped around to face the attacker, jaws open, and caught her arm with lightning speed. Then she hurled the IceWing to the floor with all of her strength. Wrasse rocketed upward and waited for the next attack, staring blankly at the spot she threw the IceWing.

The IceWing attacked again, aiming for her stomach. She screamed as Wrasse blocked the shot with her tail, but the IceWing latched on with her sharp teeth. She used her ice breath and froze the end of her tail. Wrasse yelped and plummeted to the floor, but before thudding to the ground, she slammed the IceWing into the ice with a bone-shattering hit. Wrasse backed off and waited for the next attack, smashing her icy tail on the ice to try to break it off. The IceWing rose slowly, holding a bleeding wound on her snout. In a flash of anger, she charged Wrasse, who jumped over her and raked her claws through the IceWing’s scales. Luster shuddered remembering the move Glint used on him on their last battle class. Wrasse rocketed upward. Once at the highest possible point in the room, she moved to the center and flapped her wings furiously, blowing out the torches. “Time to level the playing field.” Luster heard Wrasse say really close by. There was a scream and a thud and a crash and shatter. The torches came back on to reveal the IceWing on the ground, severely wounded on her shoulder and snout, pinned beneath the untouched form of Wrasse. She flashed her neon stripes and went back to Crystal, who praised her.

“And you?” Hoarfrost said after a while of gawking at Wrasse to Gila. “I am a leader, smart, and can fight. But, my venom cannot kill and I hate the heat. This castle is very nice by the way.” The queen smiled, “Oh, Thank you. I don’t hear that from anyone these days. But I guess that it’s because of the location closer to the sand boundary.” Then the dragonets were dismissed. They went to their cave with Jay and Borealis in tow.

Chapter 7

The night was really cold and Luster couldn’t stand the stillness. He stood and stretched, trying not to disturb his friends. He leapt out of the cavity and onto the floor. He stroked his new sword, knowing he had a defense other than his secret. He quietly stalked over to the prison. The guard was asleep again, so he crept in and looked up at the ice-covered ceiling. On one of the pedestals, he saw a curled, grey-blue tail draped over the edge. Luster soared up to the dragon. He landed gracefully on the side. The RainWing was asleep, but when it felt Luster land, it awoke, startled. His scales turned green, but as his eyes adjusted, he saw a fellow RainWing. His scales turned a bright gold, but were then suppressed by a dark red and black billowed under his wings. “Finally, she sends an aid. It’s been long enough. When I see Shimmer, I swear, I’ll rip her wings off!” he growled angrily. He stood up and stretched his red wings.

“Oh, um, I’m not here to ‘aid’ you. I came to, um…” he actually had no idea why he came here. He just felt a need to find another RainWing. “To, um, give you a message. The queen wants me to tell you that…you will need to wait a little longer to escape, but you will. Eventually.” Luster waited for a response. “What? You were sent to tell me that I cannot be let out, even though you are here right now, and can get me out?” he asked unbelievingly. Luster nodded reluctantly. Then he thought it over. The RainWing could tell, “I am supposed to have my torturing tomorrow.” He added. That did not sound fun. “Fine, I’ll let you out.” Luster let in, attempting to pick the lock on his neck brace. There was a click and the RainWing slithered out of the metal ring. He turned invisible, but there was a shimmer in the air as he dove down to escape the castle.

“Welcome class!” Hoarfrost announced as the seven dragonets appeared through the doorway of the combat room. Luster patted his sword, knowing he would need it today. Hoarfrost spread her massive silver wings and sat down, waiting. Borealis wasn’t with them today, neither was Jay. She looked down her snout condescendingly. “Well, there is an event today. I would like you all to see it.” She said waving them to follow her, “Oh, I will need my sword back.” She said, turning to Luster, who was already pulling the sheath off his shoulders, “Thanks.” She left and was followed by the small seven dragons. Luster looked at where the sword would have been, missing it already and feeling vulnerable. They went to a remote part of the castle, but there seemed to be every IceWing there. There was a blue and silver throne high above a crowd of dragons, itching to see what was in the center of a large, covered dome. The dragonets got special seats where they could see everything in the dome. The floor was covered in fine, white sand and the walls were metal and cold. There was a wooden board in the center, which was coated in weapons of all sizes and kinds.

There was a creak as a small door opened on the opposite side of the arena. And a bunch of small bodies ran out and onto the field. One walked out slowly, covered in black furs and a large hood over his head. It was a scavenger. He was holding something strange in his hands. It seemed to be a bunch of small paper rectangles, and he was moving them back and forth from each hand to the other in a weird way, like they were following each other. The other scavengers had all received a weapon from the board, but one lay dead already in a pool of blood. The one in black chose the last weapon left, a small dagger.

An enormous IceWing, cloaked in blue scales like the ocean, landed in front of the scavengers. They scattered, but returned, waiting. The scavenger in black arrived and stood, bored. The dragon took the weapon board and flew out of the dome through a small opening in the top. The scavenger in black must have seen it and was already figuring out a plan to escape. The dragons waited to see who would make the first move. One with thin brown clothes swung her axe at another, which hit him hard in the head. She ran to another, killing anyone she went near. She was a killing machine. Finally, it was her and the scavenger in black. He pulled his hood off, put his paper in his furs, and withdrew his dagger. They seemed to be having a conversation, they squeaked at each other in their veiled language. Then the female swung her axe in a fatal blow. She barely hit him on the shoulder. He then dug his dagger into her leg with a cascade of blood. She limped, then swung a miss again. The scavenger in black ran to the wall and started climbing. He reached the wire netted dome when the blue IceWing flew through the hole to stop him.

The scavenger waved his dagger at the dragon threateningly and continued climbing. The IceWing soared over to the hole in the ridge and splayed his blue wings, hissing. The scavenger didn’t stop, he climbed up to the IceWing and continue to swing his blade. The dragon, you could tell, was afraid. He backed up slightly as he came closer. The scavenger jumped unexpectedly at the dragon. He plunged his knife into the dragon’s back and raked it down his spine. The dragon screamed and fell with a loud crash. The scavenger escaped and ran through the piles of dragons. Something told him, so Luster pounced into a pile of dragons with his talons cupped. He landed and the dragons cleared. Luster could feel the scavenger in his talons, so he carried him away, flying above the chaos of screeching dragons and dragonets. The scavenger stopped attacking with his dagger and relaxed a little. Luster flew to the cave he was staying in. he rushed inside and crashed into Jay. Oh no, he thought, Jay’s here. He rushed back out into the SkyWing prison, where he knew no one would be there. Inside, he flopped down and put the scavenger in the ice.

He looked up at Luster and smiled. It was really creepy how dragon-like his eyes were. One of the SkyWings roared in anger and made the scavenger jump. Luster flared his black wings and changed color, for some reason. The scavenger squeaked and waited for a response. “Um, I have no idea what you are saying.” Luster said, the scavenger didn’t reply either. “Well, I need to let you go somewhere safer than here. Aha!” he exclaimed and scooped up the scavenger again. He glided outside the magnificent castle to where snow met sand. He put him down and waited for the little body to run to freedom. The scavenger turned, but before he ran, he squealed and pulled the paper out of his pocket and handed it to Luster. His scales blushed a pale yellow then a metallic green of confusion. The scavenger ran off before any questions could be asked. Luster sighed and flew to the castle. He rushed to the room with the arena and where the fight was, and the commotion had died down.

“There you are!” Nova said as he saw him burst through the doors. Luster’s scales flushed from a pale orange to a dark pink and flashes of sky blue darted across his snout. Nova’s white wings spread and he smiled questioningly, “Where were you?” he asked. Luster shrugged and smiled back. Hoarfrost appeared with her dark eyes looking down. “Well, that was interesting. Now we will go back to the combat room and continue class.” She motioned to the dragonets who were gossiping and urged them to come. They made their way to the room, passing dragons and slipping on the ice floor. Once inside, the queen asked a question you could tell she had wanted to ask from the beginning. “SeaWing, how do you fight while blind? And how do you know where you are going?” she asked. Wrasse spun around to face her, staring blankly at her snout.

She looked down and thought. “I-I don’t know.” She stated confused. “It’s kind of weird. You will think I’m crazy if I told you.” Hoarfrost answered, “Oh, no I would never think that! How could I? You are the most amazing dragonet I’ve ever seen!” Wrasse sighed and smiled, “Okay, so I’m in darkness. My hearing, and feeling senses are amplified because they have to make up for what my eyes can’t do. I can feel things you probably can’t, and hear things you can’t. Right now, I can tell that a dragon is in the corner, practicing stalking techniques, and another is making a lot of noise trying to hide.” She said with her ears alert and twitching. The room was silent. Luster turned to see exactly what she was describing. “And when I’m fighting, because a dragon isn’t going to be as careless as to stay on the ground, I developed a sixth sense, I can’t describe it. It is kind of like I have a spacial rendering of what enters a king of invisible bubble around me.” She said, sounding really smart, yet confused at what she had just said. “Like, when you close your eyes, you can tell where your talon is in space. Like you can tell if it is waving around you without looking. But you cannot tell if someone else is. I can. I can tell when a dragon is next to me, not by heat. That is how I attack. I can’t see where the dragon I’m fighting is. So I wait for them to come to me. When they enter my ‘bubble’, I know where they are and counter act them. But sometimes, they know and don’t attack and wait for me to make the first move.” she said, “Then what I do is use my tail to make vibrations, which bounce off the dragon. I create a mental picture of the arena and my surroundings. Then I can charge them.”

The queen seemed taken aback. “Well, that seem pretty fool proof. Can you tell when weapons attack, say for instance you were to fight the RainWing? Could you tell when he threw a knife?” Wrasse nodded. “Impressive. You will have to join my elite army of fighters. You are unstoppable. Along with the SkyWing, I guess the RainWing, and…how about…the two NightWings, his speed will help, and I need to find out your secrets.” She smiled the same mysterious smile from before. Class was dismissed afterward. The seven dragonets wandered about the castle, getting lost now and then.

They finally returned home, tired from walking across the slippery floors of all of the castle’s wings. Luster flopped on the floor of the cave and lay, tired, yet wide awake. The rest of the dragonets fell asleep instantly. Luster was fidgeting and unable to fall asleep, so he remembered the cards he was given by the scavenger in black. He sat up and pulled them out to examine them further. There were fifty three, and two colors, red and black. Each card had one of four patterns, a heart, a club, a diamond, and a spade. Some were numbered, others had images of scavenger faces labeled K, Q, and J. And there was also another card that intrigued Luster the most, the ace. There was an ace for every pattern, but there was five aces. This one had a dragon on it, it had red wings flared and a green body winding around a scavenger skull. The big symbols, A, C, E, were printed under the dragon. The dragon was what made him love this card the most. The only dragons that could have red wings and a green body were the RainWings. It felt like he was a little closer to home.

Luster flared the cards into one big fan of fifty two, keeping the dragon ace, and began to try to accomplish what he had seen the scavenger in black doing. He held them in one talon, then tried to send them to the other. They ended up lying on the floor in a mess. This routine of going to class, then going to the cave and practicing cards went on for ages. Until one day, he could do it, and many other tricks.

Chapter 8

It was really starting to annoy him. Luster walked through the halls of the castle every day to get the morning meal. Every day it’s always the same colors, white, brown, and black. He just felt out of place, with him being a RainWing in this neutral place. But Gila and Xenops had the same problem, bright orange, yellow, and red kind of stand out, too. The seven passed many frozen corpses embedded in the icy walls, each in a different position. “Okay,” Gila said after a while of silence, “am I the only one who thinks those bodies in the wall are really creepy?” she looked around to see everyone but Wrasse shaking their heads, “What Bodies?” Wrasse asked, whipping her head around, as if she could find them. “There are frozen IceWings of the walls of the palace. It feels like they are all staring at me.” Crystal explained, irritated.

The seven dragonets sat at a table and started eating talon-fulls of frozen fish. Luster shivered in disgust, how can they keep eating this garbage day after day? What I would do for a banana right now! His stomach growled a low rumble and he reluctantly took a small bite of the rancid fish. Nova, next to Luster, was finished eating and, by the looks of it, felt the same way about the breakfast. He belched and shuddered, breathing a small plume of blue fire into the air. “Hey! Hey!” Luster said, excitedly at Nova, who jumped and looked around frantically. “Watch this!” Nova set his eyes on Luster, who pulled out his cards, except for the dragon ace. “Where did you get those?” Nova asked nervously, pointing to the cards. “I found them.” He replied as a flash of pale purple guilt rose from his talons, which he quickly erased with a blue. Thank the moons they don’t know what my colors mean. “Now watch carefully,” Luster said ominously, “Because the closer you look, the less you see…” his voice trailed off, attempting to create an atmosphere, but only making himself look like a fool. Nova chuckled, but tried to remain serious. Luster fanned the deck of fifty two and showed the faces to Nova, “Pick a card,” he said, turning his head and obscuring his view. Nova pointed to a card three cards to the right of the farthest in that direction. Nova said okay and Luster turned, ruffling the cards and shuffling them as much as possible. “Now, I want you to look on the table where your fish was and tell me if it is your card.” Luster demanded, trying to sound convincing, considering he had no idea if the trick worked. The card was on the table, and Nova flipped it over. He was snickering at first, but then his snout showed only one emotion. “Is that your card?” Luster asked. Craning his neck to check over his shoulder at the card. Nova turned with a four of clubs in his talons, “Yes.” He said shocked, “How do you do that? Are you an animus, too?” he asked anxiously. Luster snorted, “No, it’s called…illusion…” he said, mystifyingly.

“Well, you fooled me! That was really cool, maybe you could show me that?” Nova said, clearing his place and standing to leave with the others. Wrasse got up and Comet rushed to her side. He had been acting strangely around Wrasse lately. They walked together a lot more and talked more. Weird. The dragonets went to class, less than amused to find their lesson.

“Class,” Hoarfrost shouted kindly as they entered the fight room, “Come, we will go to my chambers, it will be better in there.” She said, fanning her silvery wings and rearing her triangular, icy head. Her dark eyes drifted down to Xenops now and again. The doors to her throne room opened slowly with a slight squeal. She sat down in her sapphire-encrusted throne and looked at the seven dragonets pitifully. “I know you had no education up till now, so I felt compelled to tell you Pyrrhia’s history.” She said excitedly. Luster looked to Nova, who was rolling his purple eyes, “Great, the subject I need to learn! I already have an A!” echoed in his head. Luster smiled and saw Nova do the same. “Long ago,” she started, “the world we knew was much stranger and was riddled with war.” She pulled out a map of ancient Pyrrhia, which they have all seen a million times. “The continent was the shape of a dragon sitting, see? There’s the head and wings, and the kingdom of the sea is the tail!” she sounded falsely joyful, “but, after the time of the three sisters, there was a moment of time called the Changing. The Changing was a time of mass destruction. It was a wave of natural disasters. There were tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes, shaping the world in a different way. New rivers, seas, and islands formed. Along with mountains and valleys, volcanoes awoke and erupted in fury.”

She pulled out a map of new Pyrrhia, now a different shape. “Now, look. This is Pyrrhia nowadays. Now, new things that happened, a large gulf formed on the ‘wing’, called the Gulf of Clouds. A river formed below the lower jaw, called the Crooked River, and two seas formed on the head, the Sea of Death and Sorrow, and The Sea of Blood. The SandWing peninsula broke apart and formed new islands, and a peninsula surfaced behind the head.” She gestured to each point she talked about on the map. The continent was still a dragon, but now it had a fiercer look to it. The ‘arm’ of the dragon had gained claws and was in a fighting pose, a horn jutted out of its skull, and the new seas created the look of teeth. “Here,” the queen said, pointing to the head of the dragon in old Pyrrhia, “Is where the ancient queen had her palace, but mine was built closer to the SandWing border to keep an eye on them. Her palace was ruined my a massive earthquake.” She finished, seemingly pleased with herself. There was an awkward pause. “Um,” Xenops spoke up, “That was really nice, buuuut…we kind of already know that stuff.” Hoarfrost stiffened, “Yeah, we are as educated as a normal five year old dragonet, possibly smarter.” Comet added quietly.

“It has always bothered me,” Wrasse protested, “That the new seas were so…death-y. Why couldn’t they name them the sea of good fortune, or the sea of… of…happiness?” Hoarfrost nodded, “I understand, such evil names. But they were named after their history. Many battles were fought there because the other IceWing tribes refuse to leave, you know, the rebels?” Wrasse nodded, “I know. But still…” she finished. There was a silence. “Well, what do you know?” the queen asked, seemingly offended. “Well,” Gila started, “We know all about the prophecy-duh-and the war. We also learned about the changing, and dragon tribes.” She said, counting them off on her claws, “Sooo, that’s four. There might be others, but that’s what I got off of the top of my head.” Hoarfrost smiled angrily, “Well, it seems you are as well taught as my dragonets.” She said through gritted teeth, “oh, that reminds me! You need to meet my dragonets. Oh they are a real joy!” she lightened up and soared out of her chambers. There was a minute of another awkward silence. Then the doors burst and five lively dragonets burst in. three were males, the others were female.

“Dragonets,” Hoarfrost announced, stopping the dragonets from meeting the others too quickly, “Please sit and be calm.” She said as they all sat down in a row, staring eagerly at the dragonets. One was a grey, he was staring at Xenops like he was about to attack. Luster eyed him and slowly stepped in front of Xenops protectively. “Dragonets of Destiny, these are my children. Now, they shall introduce themselves, politely.” She growled and slapped the grey dragonet with her tail. “Hi!” the first one said, she was tiny and her scales were sky blue, but riddled with black speckles, “My name is Slush and I’m the youngest, Three years old!” she smiled at Wrasse enthusiastically, but got no response. “I am Blood, I’m five.” A white dragon said gruffly, his eyes were a piercing red. His pale scales had red flushes, like blood in snow. “I am flurry. Six.” A dragon, so pale, her blue scales looked white. “I’m Blizzard, I’m six.” The Grey dragonet spoke quietly and eagerly, itching to move. A regal dragon at the end of the row sat up straight with her head held high. She was by far the most beautiful dragon Luster had ever seen. Her white scales were pearlescent and prismatic, sending rainbows through her scales when the sun hit. “I,” she said, staring at Luster with dark purple eyes, “am Prism. I am the oldest at eight years old.” She lashed her tail and smiled playfully at Luster, who was already melting, despite the freezing air. Hoarfrost smiled, “These dragonets are the dragonets of destiny. Do not hurt them, especially the SkyWing.” She growled and left, leaving the twelve dragons to chat and become friends.

Prism drifted toward Nova, thinking he was an IceWing, but upon realizing his defect, slid over to Luster. “Hey.” She said in a smooth, relaxed voice, “What is your name?” Luster wanted so hard to answer, but his nerves shut down and he couldn’t spit it out. “I’m Luster,” he eventually got out, “And I’m a RainWing.” His scales had been white with fear, concealing the fact. She smiled, “So I’m not the only one to have special scales,” she Lifted her tail to catch the sun, sending color dashing through her body. He let his scales change, not trying to conceal his emotions. She laughed and moved on to see Wrasse, with Crystal standing over her, glaring at anyone who came too close. Blizzard was eyeing Xenops again, so Luster walked over. “I heard SkyWings have no special powers, is it true?” he asked mockingly to Xenops, who Luster could tell was already hurt. I was too late. “Come find out.” She growled threateningly spreading her wings overhead, smoke rising off the scales. “Whoa, whoa. No need to fight. It’s okay if you don’t.” he laughed. “Leave her alone.” Luster stepped between them, nose to nose with Blizzard. His scales shifted to a dark scarlet and rolling black. “Ooh! A RainWing! How will I ever protect myself?” He pretended to be afraid. Luster snorted, “You gonna save her with your rainbowness, Huh? How can you help the defenseless SkyWing, Hero? You can’t even save yourself.” He spat and stepped closer. The room stopped, all eyes were on them. In the corner of the room, Nova was gesturing to stop. No, Luster thought, He deserves what’s coming to him. “Don’t do it, it’s not worth it!” Nova pleaded. Luster ignored him and prepared to fight, crouching down and flaring his black wings wide and hissing under his breath.

Blizzard followed, crouching low and fanning his wings. He bared his fangs and opened his mouth, showing row after row of dagger-like teeth and a pale blue tongue. A misty fog filled his mouth. Blizzard snapped his jaw shut with a smile. “Bring it, Color boy.” He hissed. That’s it. Luster flung himself backward, catching the IceWing off guard. Blizzard snarled and jumped up and flapped his wings, there he waited for the next attack. Luster reared his head and roared at Blizzard. “Come on you coward. Afraid of a RainWing?” he mocked. Blizzard landed with a crash and growled angrily. Suddenly, the moves Luster learned in Fight class, but could never do, rushed into his head. Blizzard was replaced with Glint, her snarling red head in an angry glare. She was always unsatisfied. She screamed and charged Luster. As she got closer, he performed the move she had always used and created the many scars on his back. Luster flipped and turned, scraping his talons into the flesh on her back. Suddenly, the fight turned back. Blizzard stared at his spine and hissed.

Blizzard turned and clamped his jaws on Luster’s tail, sending ice cold pain into his veins. Red anger plagued his mind and he turned and grabbed the IceWing with his jaws and threw him to the floor. Luster stood over his body, which lied on its back quietly. Blizzard looked up and saw with fear that he was this close to death. Something echoed in Luster’s head, finally breaking through the wall of fury. “STOP! Luster! Don’t do it!” Nova screamed in his head. Luster was flashed back to reality. He saw the fear in Blizzard’s eyes and whispered, “Do you give up? Are we so defenseless?” the IceWing nodded quickly, struggling under Luster’s grip. “Remember I could have killed you and be thankful.” He let go and stepped away. Blizzard scrambled up and his behind his siblings. All eyes were on him. His friends were horrified, but Xenops was he only one with a different expression. She walked over to him, “You didn’t have to do that, but thanks. I could have taken him.” She joked. Suddenly, a wave of tiredness and pain washed over him. He walked out of the room awkwardly, heading to the cave. Borealis was inside with Jay, they smiled as he walked in. Luster laid down and fell asleep.

Chapter 9

“Happy Hatchday!” was screamed in Luster’s ear. His ears were ringing and a heavy weight knocked the wind out of his lungs. He coughed and rolled over into the fetal position. Wrasse laughed, “Good morning!” as Luster’s scales faded from their fearful white and green to a generic yellow. Luster sat up and rubbed his eyes. He heard coughing nearby and looked around with groggy eyes to see the rest of the dragonets had received the same wake up. “How old are we again?” he asked, he was always forgetting. It didn’t seem that important. “Six, you silly! C’mon! We need to go see Hoarfrost, I told her about our Hatchday and she said she would get us a present!” Luster perked up, they hadn’t gotten a present before. He stood and stretched, then jumped out of their cramped cave with the others. Borealis and Jay stayed behind.

Luster walked the chilling, empty halls. The halls were very solemn. They had the feeling that the spirits from the corpses in the ice were above your head, calling you. Luster shivered. He wasn’t as excited anymore. Their footsteps echoed in the stark corridors. They followed the route now engraved in each of their brains to the Queen’s quarters. Wrasse lead the way, eventually stopping at the colossal wooden doors that were separating them from the queen. Suddenly, a thought struck Luster, Why are we even here when we are supposed to fight for the SkyWings? All Hoarfrost is doing is trying to convert us to their side. Apparently, Luster thought loudly because two echoes bounced in his head, “I agree,” said Nova, “Yeah, I think we should leave, soon. This place really creeps me out.” Comet commented. But before Luster could voice his thoughts, the doors creaked open and revealed the interior of the room. Hoarfrost was on her throne, smiling and in front of her were her dragonets. All at once they said, “Happy Hatchday!” and Blizzard tossed confetti into the air angrily. Slush made a beeline for Wrasse and they hugged. The rest of the seven dragonets wandered into the room, which was heavily decorated in Hatchday symbols.

Hoarfrost held in her talons, a single box. It was wrapped in paper with scale-like patterns on it, topped with a red bow. “Dragonets,” Hoarfrost said, “It is an honor to give you your first gift.” Her children gasped, “They haven’t gotten presents?” Slush said in horror, “But presents are the best thing ever!” the queen passed the gift to Wrasse, who put it in the center of the seven dragonets. “On three,” Xenops said, positioning her talons over the box. Luster smiled as he felt the wave enthusiasm wash back over him. “One…” She said slowly, Wrasse seemed ready to rip the paper off then, “Two..,” She smiled as Wrasse was tormented with anxiousness. “Three!” she shouted and 13 talons shredded the paper to reveal the inside.

There was a cube of ice, like glass with frost on the edges, which was 3 feet on each side. Inside, the cube was water. In the water was a single fish, all white, except for three large red spots on its head, right flank, and back. It had long, flowing silvery fins that swam like ribbons. It had two long whiskers on each side of its light head. Its black eyes stared at the dragonets with no emotion. Wrasse gasped, “A Fishy!! Can we name him? Oh, I want to name him Fishy! Can we name him Fishy?” She asked quickly. “Umm,” Gila said, a little speechless. “Fishy?” Crystal said, “Can’t we name him something better?” she asked. “What kind of fish is it? I’ve never seen anything like it.” Nova asked, closely inspecting their new pet.

“It’s a koi fish. They are a fish that grow to immense sizes. Scavengers believe they were the first stage of dragons. This guy is a Doitsu-goi Kohaku butterfly koi.” Hoarfrost finished, seemingly proud of her gift. “A what?” Wrasse asked, tapping the glass of his tank, “A koi, I should have known, I’ve read about them. I think he’s really cute.” Nova said. Luster moved to get a better look. The fish was at least 2 feet long and pretty well fed. He stared at Luster like ‘Will you feed me?’ Luster laughed. “Now, names. Not Fishy. He needs something better. How about…Bakunawa?” Nova offered. Wrasse cocked her head, “Why is everyone using such weird words?! Can’t we just name him Philip and be done with it?” she asked. “Bakunawa, I believe, is the name of a sea dragon in scavenger legends.” Gila and Crystal nodded, “Much better than Fishy or Philip.” Luster agreed.

Gila left to put their koi away back with Borealis. Meanwhile, Hoarfrost left her dragonets with the remaining six. Blizzard was less than thrilled. “Hey, all you freaks,” Blood shouted, calling the attention of everyone to him, “I’m in charge now. What I say goes.” He said, getting disapproving looks from all of the dragonets. Prism whispered to him, “Are you sure this is a bright idea? You know, calling them names? You saw what happened to Blizzard yesterday.” She said. Blood shook his head, “I am not weak like my brother.” was his only response. He walked his way to the queen’s throne. Wrasse stumbled and bumped into the IceWing before falling in a heap on the floor. Blood hissed and stood back up, “Watch it, Blindy!” Wrasse was close to tears, so Crystal stepped over her, having Wrasse in the empty place her left forearm would be. She growled and bared her fangs at the white and red dragonet before her. “Oh, go limp away, cripple! You can’t do anything but look scary.” Blood spat. Crystal grabbed Wrasse and they huddled in the corner.

“Why are you guys being so mean?” Slush asked angrily. “Just shut up, sis.” Blood snapped. “Hey!” Wrasse shouted from the corner, “Don’t pick on her!” she said standing up for her friend. There was an awkward silence. “Who wants to play some chess?” Comet asked, breaking the moment. There was another pause. “Sure, I’ll play. I am the best in the family. I don’t mean to brag, but I am undefeated.” Flurry boasted. Comet smiled, “You’re on.” He grabbed her and sat in a corner and began as he always did, using the black pieces. Gila returned to the party. “All right, you useless freaks. I’m hungry, fetch me some food.” Blood complained. The dragonets left to the great hall to grab some fish. Out of the corner of his eye, Luster thought he saw Crystal spit on the fish she was carrying. He laughed. They brought the food back to the bossy dragonet. He said they had to feed him. He ate all of the fish, even Crystal’s, except for Xenops. “Why is this fish burned?” he complained. Xenops hissed and tightened her grip on the dead corpse. She then stuffed the fish in his mouth forcefully and left in a huff. Blood choked and spat the fish out. “Hey, SkyWing!” he started, “What?” she snapped back, growling furiously. Blood took a step back, then regained his composure. “Don’t do that again, or I’ll skin you alive!” he threatened. Xenops turned, “Why don’t you just do it now and get it over with? Or are you just hot air?” she asked. Blood growled. “Xenops, don’t do it. I know he is irritating, but it’s not worth it.” Crystal said, “Yeah, what she said.” Nova agreed. “Oh, be quiet. I’ll skin your carcasses too. But I think they won’t sell for as much, considering ones missing a leg and the other is a mutated freak’s.” he insulted. The room suddenly filled with fury. Wrasse stood up and walked over to Blood. She stood tall and stared him in the eyes, “When you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.” She hissed.

Nova was fuming. Luster had never seen him this angry. He prepared to fight, along with the rest of the dragonets. Blood’s siblings backed off, except for Blizzard, who was staring at Luster with fire in his eyes. He made the first move. His jaws were wide and aiming for Luster’s throat. Luster turned and ducked, sending Blizzard barreling forward. Luster looked up and saw the rest of the room had erupted in fight.

While distracted, Luster didn’t see Blizzard come and rush onto him. The IceWing pinned him to the ground, smiling hysterically. He opened his mouth, full of cold mist. As he prepared for the killing blow, something knocked him off Luster. He whipped his head around quickly to see Comet pummeling Blizzard with his wings. On the opposite side of the room, Blood had found out that Xenops isn’t so defenseless and was covered in burns. Wrasse was being held back by Crystal, who was shouting insults at Blood. “You ungrateful little…” she cursed, blocking Wrasse’s ears from the swears. Nova, still in rage, ran at full speed into Blood, knocking him off his talons and onto his back. Nova’s eyes were glowing purple and his snout was crinkled in rage and concentration. Surrounding the white NightWing were knives, floating around him like a shield. He aimed them threateningly at Blood, who was scared out of his mind. Nova launched one, purposely nearly missing his snout. He poked Blood’s neck forcefully, drawing a single bead of blood. Luster heard an echo in his head, but chose to block it out, from the single sentence he heard, he didn’t want to listen to such language. Nova stepped off and let the knives drop.

Gila said she was going to go check on Bakunawa, and Xenops said she needed to go to the bathroom. With the lull in the conversation, Comet decided he needed some fresh air. When everyone returned, Xenops returning last, there were footsteps in the hall. Someone was running their way. Suddenly, the doors flew open and Borealis ran in. She had tears in her eyes. She screamed, “He’s dead! He’s dead!” Nova was startled, “Who?” he asked urgently, and worriedly. Borealis wiped tears from her eyes, “Jay.”

Chapter 10

The seven dragonets ran to their cave, leaving the other dragonets dumbfounded and confused. Borealis lead them to the scene, flying as fast as her mangled wings could carry her. When they reached the ledge, they looked in. When they saw the body, Luster almost threw up. The golden scales were caked in dried blood and deep wounds dug into his throat. His entire left flank was severely burned and the scales were peeling off. Blood still trickled out of his tail, which was almost completely severed off, into a pool of crystalized blood. Ice crystals formed in his mouth and around his face and several puncture wounds were visible. Borealis was sobbing, “I came a few minutes ago. I don’t know how to tell Sonic.” She wept. Oh yeah, Luster thought, How do you tell a guy who just found out his son was alive and was murdered? It will be hard for him.

They said a few words of peace for him and left to tell Sonic the bad news. They walked grudgingly to the SkyWing prison, dreading to tell Sonic. Jeez, Jay’s body was gross! I almost threw up! Thought Luster, I mean, how does someone even get that mangled? Who would murder a dragonet who was helpless? “I know…I wonder who it was…” thought Nova to Luster. “It had to be someone who wasn’t at the party when the attack happened…so the suspects, as much as I hate to accuse, have to be Borealis, Hoarfrost, Comet, Gila, and Xenops. I highly doubt anyone did it…but Hoarfrost is the most likely…” He thought quietly, forgetting he was speaking to Luster. He shook his head, smiling Nova thought way too much. Borealis was the first to take flight, flapping franticly up to Sonic’s pillar. Following her was Gila, then Xenops, then Crystal, Wrasse, Comet, Nova, and finally, Luster was last.

“Sonic, we have bad news.” Gila blurted out. He instantly perked up, looking around at each of the dragonet’s faces. “What bad news? What is it?” he asked, definitely worried. “It’s, well, it’s Jay…he kind of…he’s…well, he is dead.” Borealis concluded, close to another bout of tears. Sonic smiled incredulously. Then he saw the looks on the dragonet’s faces. “This isn’t a joke…” he said to himself, “My only son is dead…”he sobbed. The pain and grief in his voice was so strong, Luster couldn’t take it. Tears welled up in his eyes, not only because of Jay’s fate, but that of his teacher’s pain. Luster knew he could never recover from a blow that hard. He turned his head and made to jump off the pillar when Wrasse grabbed him by the forearm. She stared at him with her milky eyes, watching nothing in particular. “Luster…” her voice cracked to reveal the agony behind it, “don’t go…he needs us…all of us.” She said as she leapt for the golden dragon, embracing him in the biggest, warmest hug she could manage.

Luster joined the hug, already feeling Sonic’s would closing slightly. Then the others joined also, forming a massive horde of color. They let go and baked away. Sonic smiled weakly, then looked at the bonds on his wrists, wings, and neck. “I…I need to get out of here…” he said, feebly pulling on the chains. “I can’t take it anymore. With Jay gone, I have nothing to live for…I need to leave. Or I need to die. If you could help me with either of those…” he mumbled. Luster really couldn’t take it anymore. He spread his wings wide and glided down to the floor of the prison. He would not let his teacher die. Not if he could help it.

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