this CHARACTER belongs to Borealis the IceWing


palesage (known as:sage) is a au timeline version of princess borealis
""Why are others so stereotypical about iceWings?""
- Palesage

They/she is a long-limbed stocky/big boned icewing with plautnaim main scales and tips that fade pale grey-blue to pale emerald. Her eyes are an odd frosty green (with silver flecks)and are odd shaped, short ovals.her icicle ruff is short and their tail spikes are very unique(pic of it is on my page). The underside of her wings has an aurora

clothing:rather bland on normal clothing she wears long sleeved white v-neck with a striped or speckled tang-top underneath.they wear white gold small hoop earrings And necklace. She also has a pale brown satchel.


She is an independent,quiet dragon with a Broad Knowledge of everything around her but mostly she is a smart introvert


she has a simple past she is a relative of the Royal Family and as a request she went to a Multi-tribe school in a multi-tribe town(mainly icewings). After a rather tense elementary school years she went to middle school