Orock is a 6 year old male GeodeWing and is the dragon who always gets geodes from the CaveWing caves.


Orock has jet black scales with bright lime green eyes that light up in the dark. The crystals on him are lime green, strange for a GeodeWing. His legs are thin and mildly long. He has no visible muscles, so he looks weak to bigger enemies. The strangest thing about him is that, he is VERY small. He is the size of Sunny. He is deathly afraid of CaveWings, SkyWings, and earthquakes. His scales are very smooth, once again, being strange for a GeodeWing. He has a light green emerald tip replacing the tip of his tail, his tip of his tail being ripped off by a CaveWing.


Orock was born on the first of September. After a short period, his father was killed by a CaveWing, and his mother being forever disablized. His mind was scarred after the attack. One day, his mother said she couldn't take care of him and she would send him to an orphanage. The orphanage was the best thing in his life, the caretakers were wonderful and very nice. The kids loved to play with him everyday in the morning and afternoon.

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