Orbia is a character belonging specifically to ZodiaDragon.


Orbia met a dragon named Darkstorm some 11 years before her first egg hatched. They mated soon after meeting, and Darkstorm left another six years after that. She used the names that Darkstorm left in naming her dragonets, both one male and one female. Orbia is very caught up in her work, and is often disconnected from her dragonets. She didn't notice when Zodia left during the events of Across the Stars. However, she shows that she really does care in Stars of Destiny when she reveals some of Darkstorm's secrets that was kept from Zodia and Sidus. 


Orbia is the mother of Zodia. She was 21 in dragon years on the day Zodia's egg hatched. Orbia doesn't have a great connection to the world outside of the NightWing caves. She has red eyes and indigo scales. She possesses the standard powers of NightWings, and follows her interest in Astronomy. 


Unlike her daughter, Orbia is usually either calm or frustrated. She is constantly struggling with her career, and often never finds the time for taking care of her daughter. Once Zodia had left, Orbia didn't notice for several months. She is the only one who knows Zodia's father, and before he left, Orbia was often less frustrated than she currently is.




  • Her name is derived from Orbis Signifer, meaning Zodiac.
  • She does not have the zodiac star pattern that her daughter has.
  • Majority of her development comes from Stars of Destiny, towards the end.

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