Oracle is Negora1's OC.

Oracle is the NightWing who foretold the prophecy from The Seven: The Scavenger Prophecy. She is the leader of the Talons of Peace and plays a major role on raising the Seven Chosen ones. She is 27 when she foretells the prophecy to Maliketh. In chapter 1 of the Seven, she is 32 years old. She is also in The Shattered Hearts with her brother, Starbender, her sister, Cassiopiea, and her parents, Umaia and Undume.

On the RP's, The First Prophecy and The Darkest Night, she is younger, sort of like a young woman of a sort, and has no connection to my fanfic.


Oracle loves to read and memorize things. She is a very talented prophet and tends to strike fear into the hearts of any who hear her prophecies. She likes to tease her enemies and infuriate them, but she's still a very wise dragon. When she's fighting, she always wants to end the battle with a memorable leave. She'll use anything from sneaky escapes to cool catch phrases. She is very sneaky and smart when it comes to fights and challenges. The only time she showed to be in real difficulty was when she battled Maliketh, the animus. The thing she enjoys the most is disappearing into dark places and watching dragons trying to find her.


Oracle can disappear into dark shadows and foretell prophecies. Her eyes light up like the moons when she is telling a prophecy. She is the NightWing tribes' best Prophet. She has a very sneaky and quick tactic when it comes to fighting.


Oracle has shiny black scales and dark purple underscales. Her horns are also dark purple and her eyes are blue. The silver stars on her wings scatter like a night sky. She also has a rare moon-shaped birthmark around her right eye.

RP Version

Oracle is younger in RP's. She likes to fight and claw at danger. She makes a lot of things into jokes and uses sarcasm a lot. In the RP's, the first prophecy and the darkest night, she meets Frost, Subsonic, Indus, Shatter, and Grapefruit. She soon develops a love for Subsonic, while he did the same. She is very brave, but the one thing she fears is dark magic; Wraiths, Dark Frost, and Darkstalker. She is very uneasy when the so-called Sentinel appeared. She was soon in pain from darkness and had to have most of her past erased to remove it. She then became less afraid of the dark things. Oracle's story continues on those RP's.