The Oracle is an elderly SkyWing who is a minor character created by Lightningstrike of RapidClan for roleplay.


Little is known about this mysterious SkyWing. There are plenty of rumors, some say she was here at the beginnning of the universe, some say she was born with natural knowledge of the entire universe and beyond. The truth is, I'm not telling. She has isolated herself from the other SkyWings to live a peaceful life.


The Oracle is a very wise and kind SkyWing. She believes in nonviolence and hardly ever gets mad at others. She is also very clever and can get out of tricky situations, using her foreseeing powers. She is very peaceful and calm in almost every situation, and others can count on her to help them or at least help set them on a path. Oracle is also very curious and wonders about the world and potions. She is hardworking, always determined to finish a potion or help someone out.


Oracle hardly ever uses fire except to make potions. She has the ability to connect with the future and past, she speaks to the StarWings.

A typical SkyWing. Art by Joy Ang.