Okapi is Okapi's OC. She is a young female RainWing living with Pangolin in the rainforest.

(That is a picture of what an actual okapi looks like)


Okapi has a very strong maternal instinct. She often "adopts" injured animals in the rainforest and nurses them until they can be released. She's reliable and doesn't ask questions when commissioned to do anything. Okapi has a passive aggressive attitude and is reluctant to trust any stranger.


She has a slender average RainWing build with long legs and a loping stride. Her tail is more tightly curled than normal, and she likes to keep her ruff up all the time. Okapi usually dons a dark rosewood color, with whorls of dusty burgundy constantly shifting throughout. Creamy white stripes sometimes ripple across her back and hindquarters. Her eyes are dark gold, and the pupil is only faintly visible.


Okapi is very agile, able to treeglide with swimming ease. She's not very good with camouflage, and while she can shoot her venom very far, it's not always accurate. Most of her abilities are geared towards defense. Okapi knows this, and she always chooses flight over fight.


Okapi left the RainWing tribe when she was still a dragonet, fueled by a profound hatred of the way they disregarded those in need of help. She lived in a little bungalow in the treetops a few miles away from the village for a few years, before she found a little SandWing dragonet named Pangolin. He was gravely injured, so she nursed him back to health and he's been helping her in her work ever since.


  • The okapi is a giraffid that lives in the African rain forest. It is in fact the only living relative of the giraffe. It is currently endangered.