I do not own any characters, only the events in the story. I also do not own the term, "Whirlpool the charming handsome brilliant single SeaWing". 

I wanted there to be one fic where someone treated queen Coral with respect. So I wrote this.

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"And that's how Tsunami the beautiful SeaWing princess married Whirlpool, the charming handsome brilliant single SeaWing." Queen Coral finished her story with a flourish. The whole room  applauded as usual, except for Tsunami, who sat in the Seat of Honor looking rather grumpy. As everyone cleared out, Tsunami went to talk to Coral.

"Mother", she said, frustrated, " WHY must you keep writing stories where I love Whirlpool? I don't. I hate his (censored ) guts. I love Riptide."

"Language dear", said Queen Coral,without looking up from her scrolls. "And I promise I'll never force you to marry Whirlpool. You seem to not like him much for some reason... It's just innocent fanfiction. You know many of the scroll I've written?"

"No I don't", said Tsunami, "Whirlpool who you love so much still won't teach me anything i can actually use. I think he's worried I'll disrupt his speeches to the crowds that get them all worked up by providing actual evidence. No surprise that all the speeches have been underwater ones since the little incident I may have had a small hand in during his, "Blister is so incredible" speech."

"I know  exactly what you did Tsunami, although exactly how you found so many Vampire Squid is beyond me."

"Anyway," the queen said, "Fanfiction is all about making every possible character fall in love. It's all in fun. You can court Riptide to your heart's content after his trial, provided he beats the rap and loves you back. And with all the evidence you've been collecting, plus the NightWing's memorization of SeaWing legal laws, I don't think the prosecution will have a chance."

"I ship Whirlnami because Whirlpool reminds me of my Gill once was. A wonderful speaker, very smart, descended from the lower nobility. My parents didn't like Gill either. They thought he was dangerous in his diplomatic ability. They wanted me to marry a warrior. But they didn't stop my courtship, and I won't stop yours."

Tsunami hugged her. "Thank you mother."

"You're welcome dear", Queen Coral said.

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