A typical IceWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Octavius the IceWing


Octavius's primary scales are a whitish blue and his secondary are a silvery white. Many scars lacerate his body, the most prominent running from his left eye down to his leg. A silvery crescent moon is located on his head, circling his right eye. He has a very narrow tail, and many spikes line it. This makes it a powerful whip in battle.


Octavius is a military leader for the IceWings, so he is most often away from home. He is gruff and aloof, preferring to be alone with his work. Though he longs to forgot about the war and return home, he knows he can't do that and fights for his tribe. He has no patience for cowards and deserters, sending them home to await punishment. He has mercy for other tribes, many times letting them go if it's a simple spy. In the heat of battle, he's a beast trying to take down every enemy that he sees as a threat to his tribe, and more importantly, his family. He enjoys playing many games like ice skating and snowball war [which he is a beast at :u]. He hopes for the war to be over and everyone can return to their lives.


He is a advanced fighter, fighting tooth and claw with his opponents. He studied how other tribes fight and exploited weaknesses. He is a strategist, though his plans result in winging it most of the time. He has normal IceWing abilities.


  • He is 10 years old (20 in dragon years).

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