Octavion is a 7 year old IceWing and the brother of Octavius.



Octavion was born after Octavius, therefore making him the younger sibling. Octavion was given scrolls, passed down from his grandfather about being a war general. However, Octavion didn't like the sound of killing other dragons, more likely helping them. His parents, although disappointed, saw he could be a good healer, so they gave Octavion a scroll about healing herbs and medicines. Octavion soon memorized almost all the herbs near and in the ice kingdom.

The IceWing went out collecting herbs everyday from there on. Some were rare, some very common. Octavion kept them in a small leather pouch, and put them into jars at home. One day he came across a MudWing general in a ice cave. Octavion escaped the MudWing after he soon tried to attack him. After that, he went back home to tell the story to his parents.

Octavion soon after wrote a journal on herbs and different healing remedies. At his birthday, his mother gave him a wooden carved chinese dragon necklace, which he still wears to this day.


Octavion is a peaceful dragon. He hates fighting and would rather study about herbs and plants. Octavion rarely ever snaps at people, as most dragons don't even talk to him.

If you ever see Octavion outside his ice cave home, he'll most likely say hi and ask you if you need help with anything. He is very polite, and actually very shy around new dragons.


Octavion has snow white scales. The tip of his tail is light shade of marine. His eyes are baby blue. He wears a wooden carved chinese dragon necklace with black rope. A natural marking on his hind leg is a silver crescent moon, and when Octavion is scared or lonely, it glows light marine and silver.


Octavion would be voiced by the voice actor of Silver the Hedgehog from Sonic, except a little lower.