Octavia is Tundra's OC! Do not use without permission! She is the sister of Octavius and Octavion.


Octavia's scales are a silky white. Her talons are a pearl color, unstained. Her eyes are a bright yellow. She always wears a beautiful diamond necklace the queen gave to her. During special performances, she wears a pearl looped vest. A crescent moon is marked on her right arm, like a tattoo.


Octavia was born between her brothers, making her the middle child. She grew up having a beautiful voice. One day, the queen grew very bored. There was a knock at the door. She told Octavia to follow her. Octavion and Octavius were extremely surprised. As they reached the throne room, The Queen simply said, "Sing." Octavia nodded, thrilled that she was singing for the queen. At the end of the song, the queen smiled. She placed a Diamond necklace over Octavia's head. She said, "Welcome to my castle, my little star." As Octavia grew older, she would do more performances. Whenever Octavia got home, she would give mother all of her well-earned cash. Mother always liked Octavia best.