Lightningstrike of RapidClans deciption of a GeodeWing.


Obsidian is a male GeodeWing. He has dark grey scales with obsidian black underscales. His geodes are onyx. The onyx is black with a few white sparks. His eyes are bright purple. He is 5 years old and he is long with a slim frame.


He is quiet, keeping to himself and generally staying away from things. He will speak his mind and come out when he feels the need. He may feign different personalites to avoid things. He is battle-ready but he has never had a real battle so his knowledge is limited. He is a big reader,though


Because he has never been in a real battle, his knowledge, again is limited in battle. He has read up on any scrolls found so far. His teeth are sharp and hard from digging a tunnel for his own needs. His flying skills are improvised as he makes a course through the tunnels. His knowledge on stones and the earth are vast, and he records things in a pack of scrolls he keeps. His tail is rather heavy, and his claws are also razor sharp. He has a special ability where he can see and hear things through the earth. It lets him know if a tunnel is going to collapse, identify different rocks, etc.