Obidos. Art by Kittyluvver. Thanks!

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Obidos (pronounced O-BEE-dos)is a female SeaWing. She was a guard for Queen Coral, but accidentally killed another important SeaWing, branding her as a traitor and a killer. She tried to start over her life with the Talons of Peace, but yet again a dragon died, and she was framed. Having nowhere else to go, she ended up as an outcast, fleeing from the ones that pursued her. Among the SeaWings, she isn't well known. Same for the other tribes. She now flies over the seas, wishing and hoping that she could return to her home under the waves. However, she gave up almost all hope on it and turned to madness.Now, if she is paid enough, she will be an assassin for anydragon.


Obidos is a murky blue color, darker than the bottom of a river, but lighter than an abyss. Her stripes are a dark black when they light up, making it impossible to communicate using Aquatic in deep water. Her eyes are a blood-red that fades to a rust-red at the bottom. She is bigger than the average SeaWing and has large, hooked claws, helpful for spearing fish.


Obidos is insane and will murder in the blink of an eye if she is in a bad mood. She seems nice when you meet her, but her scars and weirdness should give away her personality. She laughs at the weirdest times and has an odd glint in her eyes that shows her madness. She cannot comprehend friendship or compassion ever since she was blamed for murders. Now she kills for the pleasure of it, and enjoys the sound of tearing flesh.

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