Luckybird7765's interpretation of Geodewings

Nitrogen is a female Geodewing and one of Lulerb03's OCs.


Nitrogen is a serious fashion don't. She has black scales, a grey underbelly, purple horns (Not cute bright purple, dark purple!), and a scar around one eye.

Personality (shouldn't it be Dragonality?)

Nitrogen is a rather timid Geodewing. She prefers a life of secrecy and hiding then excitedly running around shouting " YAYYYY!" She is intelligent, wishing to be a scientist and also to travel the world in her own little space.


Nitrogean was born alone. She was a lone egg hidden among the crevices of her cave. She never had family or Parents until the faithful day she turned one. She heard someone coming and attacked! That someone was a guard patrolling around. Nitrogen hesitantly followed him where he showed her the Geodewing village where she lives to this day.

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