This is Tundra's OC! Do not use without permission!


Nina is ruby red SkyWing. Her wings are a lighter shade of that red. She has golden scales scattered around her body. Her eyes are a pure gold. Golden gemstones are engraved in some of her scales. She is extremely wealthy.


Nina grew up with a wealthy family. She had one brother. Her mother and father were very close with the queen. The queen would always let Nina watch gladiator fights with her. Scarlet wasn't nice to many dragons... But she was very nice to Nina.

As Nina grew, she got many pieces of gold molted into her own scales to show off her real beauty. Her parents loved Nina very much. She had it easy. Very easy.

When Nina was old enough, she was brought to the breeding program. She had four eggs. She never met her own dragonets, as she rarely spoke to the father. She didn't want to join the program, but the queen sort of made her. They running low on good SkyWing soldiers.

One day, Nina's parents went out to go shopping. They were assassinated. No one knows who the assassin was. All of the parents wealth went to Nina. Some went to her brother. Nina is now the second most wealthy SkyWing, right after Scarlet.

Many rumors are that Ruby killed Nina's parents. Scarlet treated Nina better then she did Ruby.


You may think she is very snobby... But she actually has a heart of gold. Literately. Her veins are golden. (XD) She can be very nice at times, but in other, very mad. She gets major mood swings. She hates to get dirty, and doesn't like combat. Although she doesn't like to fight, she likes to watch gladiator fights.