SwiftWing sketch

A Swiftwings sketch

I present to you, Nighttime!


Nighttime grew up with his mother only because his father died of a heart attack shortly after he hatched (the cause is unknown). His mother, Dusk, Had named him within the normal naming process in his family. His father was named Midnight.He is a Jet-black Swiftwing with a white mane and a violet stripe.He had ran away from home at the epilogue of In The Desert and made his first appearance to Echoline,Deadheart,Wind Rider (who he automatically liked),Loki, and Pheaseant in The Last Gust. By the end of part one,he and Wind Rider had grown into 'more than friends', to the anger of Loki. His telekinesis color is black.(hence his name) He is 9 years old.He loves music and is normally seen with an iPod around his neck which is slung on a beaded cord that he made to disguise the wire for the iPod.His theme song is Some Nights by fun.

Yep, Nighttime loves his iPod.


All the average SwiftWing abilities have been granted to him along with unforgettable memory.


  • "Uh,two barbs? Awkward...."
  • "Hey, Wind Rider,(now whispers) I like you."
  • "Perfect! Let's get 'em!"



Most of the time his personality is fun and swag. While in battle he is powerful and has no mercy on his opponent.