Nightsnow belongs to the NightWing Tribe. She is RavenJayFeather's OC and solely belongs to her.

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Nightsnow is a small, healthy NightWing. She has black-purple wings that shimmer in the light and a dark purple body. Nightsnow has large deep brown eyes full of curiosity and wonder. She hides an orchid behind her ear.


Nightsnow's curiosity can sometimes come off as annoying although she doesn't mean it to be. She is eager to learn; this is where her bravery comes from, she will do anything, and I mean anything to figure out a mystery. She may be skeptical about it in the beginning however, she always does it in the end. She views a majority of things as an opportunity to learn. Captured by a rival tribe? She will observe how they treat their prisoners, then escape after watching the guards for a while.

Her weak point is her care for others, as they often take advantage of it. If a dragon on her side is injured in battle she will go to see if they are okay. 

She doesn't hold grudges against other tribes for their alliance in the war. She believes that they are all just doing as they are ordered and that dragons should instead be angry at one of the queens. In fact, the tribes are something she is curious about. She is currently writing a scroll on the characteristics and traits of the tribes of Pyrrhia.


Snowflight has the average NightWing abilities. She is okay at fighting, though doesn't like to. She is excellent at reading minds however, prefers not to intrude on personal space of her peers.




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A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.

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