Unfinished NightWing

Nightfall. The bones Represent her DeathWing side, while She has a clear NightWing side.

Nightfall is Moonshadow the Moonflyer's OC. It belongs to her only, so NO COPYING OR I'LL THROW A BONE AT YOU!!!


Nightfall is a DeathWing/NightWing hybrid. Though not very vocal, she roars about things she can't stand. She's a genius, the smartest in Pyrrhia (besides Starflight).


She's like a normal NightWing, but with a DeathWing skull plastered on her snout, and bright moon-blue eyes. She thinks she's ugly, but many are refusing that idea. Her apperence in the fanfic describes her as a dark purple, she is black.  


Well, she doean't know that she's barely animus, she can't even use her powers. Her knowledge Lets her poison many people in assasinations, also she was able to poison someone using venom! No dragon has ever done that, but her cunning mind lets her do dangerous and evil deeds. Her gadgets hold a special enchantment stolen from dragon scientists. Thats how her weapons are so deadly. 

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