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Nightfall was a small, delicate NightWing with curved horns, a rather coiled in tail, and short claws. Her eyes were a deep brown color, while her scales were a charcoal black. More stars than usual speckled the underside of her wings, causing her to light up more as she spread her wings to fly.


Nightfall was a kind NightWing princess with no special abilities. Her father seemed to choose her future while her mother backed him up, and the young princess was too weak to say no to him. She was quite enjoyable to talk to and kind, but she was weak, stubborn, and persistent along with being quite curious and continuous with her questioning.


Nightfall was a princess to begin with, but she escaped with Revenge when she was nearly an adult over a matter of a SandWing war. Revenge had made a deal; he would stop the war with his animus enchanted scroll, and take Nightfall, or the SandWing war would continue.

Nightfall agreed to the deal without her family's permission, and so she was trapped in Revenge's kingdom for a while before she was let go over a complicated matter.

Eventually, she fell in love with Revenge, found him, and had one daughter, Phaet.