Night and Sky

Quarx Rylzma

Author's Forenote: I'd like to thank the dedicated support of Lightningstrike of Rapidclan and Zilla0128 for reading and helping me revise this wonderful poem!

Two large dragons,

One black, one red,

One of night, one of welkin,

One starving, one fed.

Dragons of the night

Are smart and cunning;

They can be very such a fright

And they can be very driving.

They take turns, each month

On feeding on the decayed

And burned remains of their prey,

On their similarly stated enclave.

They can read minds

And tell the future,

But have yet to learn

That fate isn't there to be nurtured.

They can have all the visions,

Can tell all the prophecies,

Can provide all of the provisions,

But cannot tell them the future seas.

Yet, they are of few number,

Holding together,

To each other,

Just in case their little island goes asunder.

There is another dragon tribe,

Similar to the NightWings,

Who also have scrolls and scribes,

But are of a different Wing.

They are rich and luxurious,

Confident and proud,

Yet greedy and parsimonious,

And have been sowed

With a life of tyranny,

Selfishness, unfairness,

Greediness, and duelry,

All for being wondrous.

Red, orange, and in-between,

They come in all kinds of shapes,

Colors, and fine braceletry.

They also eat those nearly hairless apes,

And throw them into their arena,

Hopelessly fighting their draconic prisoners,

Only to be eaten,

Even by the weakest amateurs.

And that is why we have to pay our respects

To those two dragon families

For they have fought for different sects,

And been through countless rivalries.

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