Creator ns
Aliases Vice (graffiti alias)
Main Attribute sass
Elemental Attribute embers
Theme Animal banksy
Theme Color black and red
Theme Song type here
Age 23 (human)
Gender male
Orientation straight
Occupation famous graffiti artist
Tribe DeathWing
Goal not to be caught by the authorities
Residence constantly on the move
Relatives unnamed parents
Allies fellow graffiti artists
Enemies tbd
Likes painting, his mask
Dislikes other deathwings scorning his mask
Abilities talented artist, street smart
Weapons spray paint, has a few knives
Ships ',:^)
Quote "Yeah it's illegal. But it's still art."

Meet Neyo, one of the most talented artists-- and criminals --in modern pyrrhia. Known by millions as Vice, his work is famous, and illegal. He may look average, save for his skull mask, but he's very talented with spray paint. The police are on the lookout for him, but he always eludes capture. No one knows who he really is, and he intends to keep it that way. He belongs to ns, don't use anything from his page (coding, content, ect.) without her consent. She will send him to graffiti your house if you don't.


"Why're you asking about my mask?"

Neyo could qualify as attractive to some, having a fairly muscular build, but he isn't super hot. His scales are not semi-transparent like average deathwing scales, and he could be mistaken for a nightwing if it weren't for his mask. Unlike a normal deathwing, he never had a mask. He forged his metal mask when he couldn't take the taunting from his tribe any longer. It's made of polished chrome, and he is very proud of it, no matter how much scorn he gets from his tribe about their 'oh-so-important' traditions.

His mask is suprisingly durable, and thicker than it looks. It has a small handle near the nose opening, and you can pull it down to expose a filter that spans the whole shape of the hole. His mask doubles as a gas-mask, preventing him from inhaling the spray paint fumes. The filter looks like a military-grade gas mask filter, and it is. He bought it from ebay for a couple hundred bucks.

His scales are a dark gray. Closer to his spine his scales get darker, eventually becoming jet black. His underscales are a blood red, and are very slick and shiny, almost appearing that he's bleeding. His wings are a lighter shade of this red on the bottoms, and on the tops they are an obsidian black. His tail is very long, and very flexible, almost like a rainwing's. It's often dragging on the ground, or curled around an object that he needs to carry.

Ne's eyes are a piercing blue, standing out against his dark scales. His horns, teeth, claws, and spines are a pearly white. He tends to keep his scales very clean as to not give away his job. His tongue is forked, and is pierced twice, both studs silver. He tends to wear graffiti-patterned shirts insisting that it is the new trend. In reality, he wears it to cover up any mistakes he might make with the spray paint. His shorts are often black with paint splatters on them, and he tells everyone that it's just a design, when in reality they are stained from his line or work.


"Do not poke the wet spray paint, mmkay?"

Neyo is very short tempered, and expects dragons to use their common sense. He hates being asked stupid questions. He tends to have a bit more patience with dragonets, but if they don't seem to have a brain, he will walk away. He tends to scowl out in public, disgusted at the foul conditions of the cities. He especially hates when others comment on his mask, having many bad memories about it. If someone taunts him about the mask, he will simply turn around and not deal with them, after all, they wouldn't know it, but he's famous.

Ne is definitely not your average celebrity, going by the name of vice in his paintings. Most of his work is illegal, although he has been paid by close colleges to do a few pieces. Just one of his works could sell for millions, and he knows it. He has to try not to laugh when someone on the street calls him a homeless deathwing with no real mask. Being a secret celebrity is a hard job.

He is always very aware of his surroundings, knowing that the authorities could be by him at any minute. He will run away at any sign of the police, knowing that he owes millions in property damage. Dragons couldn't learn to appreciate some good art when they see it. He doesn't see what he's doing as wrong, he sees it as beautifying the dirty slums of pyrrhia's big cities. The walls he paints would probably get no attention if he didn't pay a visit to them. In all honesty, he's just a guy who's painting the streets.


"Looks are deceiving."

Neyo looks like your average city-goer, untalented and unimportant. Most dismiss him as some bum who can't make a decent living. They couldn't be more wrong. Ne has good sketching abilties, as you need to sketch a drawing before you can paint it on a wall. His drawings cover everything from tags to poltical art. He is very good at spray painting, and is also scarily fast. He can paint a full mural in less than a day. He sometimes gives his painting secrets away on his alias's snoutbook account.

Despite everyong seeing him as homeless and lazy, he's very pyisically able. His wings are strong, as he has to make quick getaways and tight manuvers in the alleys. He can also hover for hours, as he doesn't have a lift for painting. He can carry lots of spray cans on his back at once, and is actually quite strong.

Neyo also has to stay a step ahead of the police, so he has to pick just the right spots to make his next painting. He's had quite a few close calls, but does know how to talk his way out of a situation. Neyo has had quite a few run-ins with gangs that were "protecting their territory" resulting in him making sure his spots weren't in any gang territory. He knows quite a bit about the dark side of cities, and has been paid more than once to be a guide in a particularly dangerous place.


"There's literally nothing special about my past, I swear."

Neyo has always been a bit different than normal. He always says that his history was average, but in reality it was far from it.

Neyo hatched last out of his 6 brothers, being born without a skull mask. He'd always been called a runt by his siblings and peers. His father paid no mind to him, always playing with his more athletic brothers instead of him. It was his mom that cared about him. She told him he could be anything he wanted. While his brothers played their sports outside with his father, he sat inside and painted.

Soon he was in school, a vicious, dragon-eat-dragon world. He had no friends in school, and was considered a weirdo. He endured constant verbal abuse from his peers. Most of the time he was just in the back of the class, drawing to distract himself from his life. He was known as bare-face, the nerd who never talked. Over the years, his reputation only worsened. His father always said that he should do something with his life, mad at his youngest son for not being like his other children.

Soon high school rolled around. The young DeathWing decided that he would be an artist for a living, signing up for all the art electives instead of the sports. His father was disgusted with the news, taking Neyo's sketchbook from his backpack while he was sleeping. That night, Neyo woke up to a racket. His mom had fought his dad for the sketchbook. His dad had broken her wings and front paw severely, all over some stupid book. Not being able to take any more, Neyo snapped, fighting his father for revenge for everything. The fight was brutal, but Neyo lost.

He ran. For his life. His dad had vowed that if he ever saw Neyo again he'd kill his mother. Devastated, The DeathWing ran out of the house with his emergency stash of money. Neyo lived his remaining life on the streets, begging for food and more funds. Then one night, he saw someone using spray paint. He went to the nearest art store and bought a few cans of the stuff.

He began small, trying to make simple stuff. He failed many times, but his name was getting more famous among the gangs of the city. One night, he snuck back to his old house, and covered the whole thing with paint. He left it anonymous, but everyone was talking about the masterpiece. Neyo realized that he could be famous if he pulled off more stunts. Eventually, he became a graffiti legend. All of pyrrhia was talking about him.

He earned money by pretending to "find" works of the legendary vice. He's earned a couple million doing this, and it's currently sitting in a bank account under a false name. To this day, Neyo paints murals all over pyrrhia.


"D*mn police."


"I tend not to spout out random facts unless I'm really drunk... Random fact! I don't get drunk!"

  • actually doesn't get drunk
  • was made for a fanmade tribe oc contest
  • ns's first deathwing
  • wip


"Art you say?"


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