They look so cute together! X3

They look so cute together! X3

Nepher is a regular SwiftWing. She has very dark gray scales, with a purple mane and tail tuft. Her wings and stripe is a golden/orange color. Her mane is the CRAZIEST!!! She never brushed it, ever.


Nepher is a cheerful, fun SwiftWing. She does her best to cheer up dragons. When dragons make fun of her for falling or tripping, she gets very depressed. As you can see, she falls A LOT. She is VERY clumsy. During a battle, at the end, the dragon would probably end up being friends with her... One of her powers... She also plays the ukelele when she's bored.


She was grown up with a poor family. Her father died, then the mother didn't have enough money to raise Nepher. She took her to a foster home, and she was raised there. No one knows if her mother is alive somewhere. She was grown up in harsh conditions. The dragons that took care of them were terrible. When Nepher turned four, she flew out the doors, and never came back. She often let's lost dragonets hang out with her.

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